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Fiona tried to find a way to get the laundromat off the ground, but obstacles kept showing up in her way when it emerged that she was going to need more repairs than she first thought. 

She decided that the only way she could get the place opened, would be to do it all herself. She quickly realized this would not be a good option and used Etta's credit card to get some of the stuff she needed. 

When Kev showed up to see what was going on with her, and witnessing just how over the whole thing she was, he offered everyone in The Alibi Room to help Fiona for free drinks. 

This did not sit well with Veronica, but Kevin said that she and Svetlana never clear things with him. This was true because Svetlana conducted insurance fraud with the tittie van. 

Lip went before the board and pled his case, but he went off the deep end when it emerged that he was not getting back into class. He attacked Sierra's ex-boyfriend, forcing her to question her relationship with him.

Also, Derek's family stole Frannie from Debbie after going to visit them, forcing Debbie to threaten to kill them. 

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Shameless Season 7 Episode 8 Quotes

Veronica: Don't you think you should have asked me before giving out free drinks?
Kevin: Well, it's not like you or Svetlana consulted with me about the van.

This house has been weird recently.