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Fiona notices the man who fell off her building and the family are living out of a car. She organizes them help from Trevor, but it will take two days to have a place for them. 

Fiona decided to let them live in her spare apartment for the two days, but she was shocked when she realized they had moved in other people to save money. 

In the end, Fiona was served papers saying she was being sued. 

Ian continued to gain traction for his speeches and legions of people kept showing up to meet with him. This made Trevor upset because he ditched a meeting with some of the kids. 

Ian took Fiona to one of his speeches and even she was surprised at how many people were there. 

Debbie turned to petty crime to help her pay for her tuition, but she accidentally welded her toes together. 

Lip found out that Youens died in prison and got ready to prepare the funeral. However, he found himself in a tough situation when the daughter showed up and did it all herself. 


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Shameless Season 8 Episode 10 Quotes

Lip: What are you doing, Frank?
Frank: Planning my retirement to bask in the spoils of a life well lived.
Lip: You mean leech of your kids and drink booze out of a backpack?

Kassidy: Marry me before you leave, dumbass.
Carl: Okay, fine.
Kassidy: Do you have a fake I.D.?