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Ian was shocked to learn the meth owner showed up at his work and was looking for him so he ran back to the Gallagher house to warn his family. He found the man trying to drown Carl in the hot tub. 

The family joined forces to round up everything they could to get the man out of their lives for good. They dug up Monica to get the meth they had to return to the man. 

Eventually Frank managed to find a way to haggle with the man, saying that Monica owned half of the meth so what they had was half of what it was worth. 

Fiona went to war with Nessa's girlfriend when she realized that the woman was trying to get people to not take the apartment so her friend could move in. 

Lip tried to help Younes when it emerged that he was very likely going to jail after returning to the world of alcohol. He drove into a house and almost killed someone. 

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Shameless Season 8 Episode 3 Quotes

Ian: You don't understand. We don't know anything about your meth.
Man: Bullshit. Monica was fucking indestructible. There's no way she just lost seven pounds of meth, so either she smoked it, or she sold it, or her fucked up family stole it. And in anyone of those scenarios, I am still owed seventy fucking grand.

My money or my meth. You got 24 hours, you understand? After that, you start worrying about little Debbie, little Liam, and pretty little Fiona.