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Frank was surprised that he obtained credit without using fraud and decided to get a car to keep things together for Liam when he questioned the family's poverty. 

Things took a turn when Frank was let go from the store because it was closing up shop, but instead of returning to the alcohol, he tried to think of another way to keep himself in the green. 

Fiona was shocked when her tenant was found murdered and she had to locate the family to try and get them to clean the apartment. Fiona was shocked that they did not care about the belongings. 

Fiona tried to get through to Ian, but he shot her down and claimed that she was a different person now. This made her question everything. 

Lip tried to find Brad, and ultimately found him before taking him home, but his girlfriend wanted nothing to do with him because she felt like he was silly for the way he acted. 

Debbie wound up in jail when she fought with a woman who tried to steal her birth control money. 

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Shameless Season 8 Episode 6 Quotes

Debbie: Hey, would you be so kind as to get me the morning after pill?
Woman: Of course.

Kev: I can be all gender-liquid like you.
V: You mean gender-fluid?