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Ian continued to taunt Fiona, and moved all of the teens to the lot next to her apartment block. He had them sleep rough in a patch of grass and terrorize her while she tried to spruce up the building. 

Ian left to go to work and Fiona bribed them to go to the park for free pizza and gave them money so they left. She then paid to have all of their stuff removed while they were away. 

Fiona told Ian that she spoke to Margo to secure another building for them and even had her waive first and last, but Ian was livid. He even went crazy at Fiona for questioning his meds. 

Meanwhile, Lip tried to save the Professor from a long stint in jail, but he got drunk at the courthouse and was sent away for a long time. Lip cut all ties with him. 

Debbie got revenge on a man who was rude to her the parking lot. She welded his car to a bin, and then quit because she knew she was going to get fired. 

Carl managed to get the cash for his college by lying that someone named Cassie was kidnapped and her parents handed over the money. 

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Shameless Season 8 Episode 7 Quotes

We must set a safe word... french fry.


Nessa: Gotta admit, it's catchy.
Fiona: Thundercunt Slum Lord. I'm starting to detect a pattern there.