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Ryn and Donna are at odds about their opinions of humans. Donna shows Ryn what was done to her and can't understand why Ryn is siding with the people who harmed her. 

At the fundraiser, Dr. Decker shows up to talk to Ben. The topic of the siren song comes up and Ben tries to leverage knowing where Donna is to figure out a way to end the danger that is being created for mermaids, causing them to now even be stuck on land in fear of getting caught in the ocean.

Ben's mother and father discuss his relationship with Maddie and how Ben's mother needs to be nicer to her so they can continue to see their son.

Ryn and Ben share a kiss that Maddies sees, and this calls into question the control Ryn seems to have on both of them and their future together. 

Meanwhile, Ryn and Donna continue to struggle to find common ground, with Donna leaving Ryn for the ocean and Xander seeing her turn into a mermaid. He decides to go with Chris into the ocean to hunt her down, much like the military is waiting to catch her in the water as well. 

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Siren Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

You like human.


I know what she did to you.