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The battle between good and evil ramps up on the Sleepy Hollow finale.

Parrish has a nightmare seeing Moloch commanding the Horsemen to rise.

Ichabod thinks he is in a dream when he stumbles upon a recreation camp going on. He buys a new version of his same outfit by the recreators.

Irving signed a confession and Abbie wants to get to court to support him.

Parrish tells them all that there is a solar eclipse to occur by days end, thirteen years to the day since the Mills sisters first encountered Moloch, also on a day with a solar eclipse.

Irving was transferred upstate, but he left Abbie something with marked pages.

Ichabod tells Abbie that he recreated the map, which is handy since they now need a witch, and the only one they know is Katrina.

Abbie needs Jenny to dig through audio tapes between Knapp and Corbin.

Jenny is worried that Ichabod will turn on Abbie and give away her soul.

Parrish warns Abbie and Ichabod of what they should not do while in Purgatory lest they be trapped there forever.

Abbie and Ichabod summon the gateway, clasp hands and walk through to Purgatory.

Abbie awakens to find she has a cut on her forehead, and she's in a cabin with Corbin and Andy. She's looking for Ichabod, but Corbin said she was hurt in a live-fire exercise and Andy said they furloughed her from Quantico training to recover.

Ichabod is standing in a church ground and is welcomed by a round of applause. He has returned home to England after the British won, and is awarded a full professorship as his father is telling him. His father has no recollection of turning on Ichabod when he turned against England.

Both Ichabod and Abbie are offered food and drink. If they partake, they will never leave. Abbie remembers it isn't real and blood pours from her pie, Andy and Corbin screaming for help that they not be left behind. Ichabod recalls the truth and stops just before drinking and his father screams at him that he forsook all and Ichabod turns on him again.

Ichabod encounters many strange creatures as he walks through Purgatory. He stumbles upon Abbie and they realize the passed their first test -- temptation.

They find Katrina, but she won't leave Purgatory without another one taking her place. Abbie decides it will be hers.

Ichabod says if Abbie stays, they ensure Moloch's prophecy comes true. Katrina gives to Abbie her necklace to keep her safe from Moloch and she and Ichabod leave to stop Moloch.

Moloch comes for Abbie immediately after their departure, and Abbie takes off the necklace and burns Moloch with it.

Katrina cannot believe it is real. Her powers are weakened, but they come back.

Jenny goes to the abandoned church she found noted in Corbin's tapes.

Parrish, Katrina and Ichabod find the white trees where the Horseman of War will appear.

As the eclipse nears, Jenny finds the name of the church, leaves Abbie a message saying the Saint's name is a sign and he meant it literally. Whatever she does, she cannot trust... and the Horseman of Death shoots out Jenny's tire and her car overturns.

Abbie imagines herself in their dollhouse, as children. Moloch took the memories out of their head. Now, in Purgatory, she'll remember.

Parrish reveals himself to Ichabod and Katrina. He is the Horseman of War. Katrina planted the image of the Sineater Abbie's head after he planted himself in Katrina's.

Abbie shows herself what she saw all those years ago... Parrish rising up out of the ground.

Meanwhile, Parrish reveals the rest of his persona to his parents. He is Jeremy. He is what his mother made him. For two centuries he was in the box, crying out to the God who had put him there and to the parents that abandoned him to eternal suffering. The very place he saw upon his resurrection was St. Henry's Parish. He took the name to spite God.

Abraham/Horseman of Death is given Katrina and Jeremy/Parrish puts Ichabod into his old wooden box and breaks the second seal.

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Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

I have more than faith. I'm a mental patient with a gun.


I'm afraid there are no time for pleasantries my friends. I believe that on this day Moloch will seek to unleash hell on earth.