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Crane, Abbie, Jenny and Hawley are enjoying a night on the town; Karaoke and all. Mills just proved to everyone that she can really sing!

Suddenly Hawley is called away on business. He arrives at his meeting place to find the woman who raised him, Carmella Pine, asking for his assistance.

See, she's been cursed and plans to break into Knox's vault to steal an artifact that can make her human again. That's right, Hawley's Godmother is a Vitala; an undead human being of Hindu lore that serves Kali, Goddess of death and regeneration.

Hawley agrees to help one last time, but when he ransacks our team's archives they quickly get involved.

At Knox's little soirée, Ichabod, Abbie and Jenny decide to split up to cover more ground. Jenny tracks down Hawley, who locks her in a closet for her protection. Abbie and Crane head straight to the vault and face off against Carmella.

The Vitala has acquired her artifact and captures Abbie, threatening her life. It's not long before Hawley arrives and tells Carmella he'll stay at her side if she spares his friends. They lock Ichabod and Abbie inside the vault, then Carmella and Hawley make their escape.

Inside the vault, Crane plans a way out. He locates a panel in the wall, and pushes a button. Unfortunately, this activates a security system which lowers bars to protect the artifacts and causes the walls to close in on them. Crane fares better the second time around. He manages to disable the vault's security and the duo discussed their partnership and Abbie's fib.

"Perhaps we both decided it was easier to act, than to talk" Crane tells Abbie. The two agree to begin mending their relationship.

After tracking down Hawley, they finally realize that Carmella did wish to be cured, rather she wanted to make Nick like her.

After defeating several Vitala, the team notices Carmella got away. Jenny saves Hawley and he tells her he must stop his Godmother once and for all.

Back at the cabin, Katrina uses her magic to put to rest the "Henry's controlling Irving" situation. She confirms the Horseman of War no longer has any control over the good Captain. Irving hugs his wife, however, when he turns to face the mirror... there's no reflection.


Sleepy Hollow
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Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Carmella: The job's here in Sleepy Hollow. We're gonna rob Theodore Knox's estate.
Hawley: Knox? You mean like Fort Knox?
Carmella: What I've gotten myself into; my life's on the line now.
Hawley: No sorry it's too weird and out of the blue.
Carmella: That's the way life is. You owe me Nicky. Time to repay your debt.

Ichabod: The lieutenant and I made our peace.
Jenny: Okay good. It just seems you two have been spending a lot less time together lately.