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Henry Parish, the Horseman of War, has planted a mystical coin in town which causes the bearer to act violently out of character.

When Ichabod and Abbie attempt to visit Irving they learn that his lawyer, Parish, has barred them from visitation rights. What is he up to?

Jenny is finally released from jail. She advises her sister and Crane to seek out Nick Hawley. This mystical artifacts collector and adventurer should know something about the "Judas Coin" turning people into crazed killers.

During one of Ichabod's missions for General Washington, Benedict Arnold discovered a batch of coins which would ultimately cause him to turn against his country.

Hawley confirms the coin in question is one of 30 Roman shekels or Tyre. Thinking back to the Bible, Abbie recalls 30 pieces of silver is what Judas was paid to betray Jesus.

Elsewhere, Katrina has been busy sowing the seeds of doubt. Her goal is to turn the Horseman of Death against her son, the Horseman of War. However, Henry is on to her. Henry has moved into Fredericks Manor, the place of his birth. Is is truly connected to his mother?

And why is he creating a miniature model of Sleepy Hollow? Coloring in locations that have been affected by his dark power.

The coin eventually falls into Jenny's hands and she is possessed by it. Sheriff Reyes becomes her target because she is responsible for committing Abbie and Jenny's mother to the psychiatric ward years ago.

Nick explains to Ichabod that only a piece of consecrated glass will allow them to hold the coin without becoming infected. He steals a piece of stained glass from a nearby church. Has Crane met his match or are these two destined to butt heads?

The trio locates and stops Jenny from shooting Sheriff Reyes. Nick catches the coin using the glass and vanishes. He later reappears with a fake ID for Crane and assures them he has no plans to sell the coin. However, he is interested in collecting the entire set.

Ichabod finally manages to sneak in to visit Irving and warns him Parish, his lawyer, is the Horseman of War.

Sleepy Hollow
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Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Confounding, Henry Parish assumes the mantle of War and when he emerges it is not as a raging colossus but as an attorney.


Benedict was a brave soldier and loved this country very deeply. I never understood why he turned so suddenly, so ruthlessly... until now. It was shortly after his exposure to those coins that Arnold began conspiring with the enemy.