Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Root of All Evil

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Ichabod and Katrina's son is up to no good again. Isn't John Noble absolutely brilliant on this show?

Henry Parish resurrected the “Judas Coin” in an attempt to wreak a little havoc on Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 3. That's right, the very same coin responsible for Benedict Arnold's betrayal in 1780. Yep, Icabod was there.

Our Scooby-team seeks out a mysterious new ally, but can Nick Hawley be trusted? Abbie clearly likes the handsome treasure hunter, but Crane, not so much.

Ichabod and Abbie pay Irving a visit and learn that his lawyer, Henry Parish, has barred them from visitation rights. Amusing that the admitting nurse mistook Crane for a patient. It's the clothes my man, you might want to try those skinny jeans on again. The "Hi" guy was annoying as hell.

This exchange leads to our first Ichabodism of the episode...

Confounding, Henry Parish assumes the mantle of War and when he emerges it is not as a raging colossus but as an attorney.


Meanwhile, Jenny is being released from jail. Was Sheriff Reyes' dog story nasty or what? Granted we're not supposed to like this new character and long for Irving to be back where he belongs. Still, Reyes takes unlikable to a whole new level. "Sorry about your dog" Jenny shoots back.

It wasn't too smart of the Sheriff to mention Jenny and Abbie's mother. Another authority figure with questionable motives. What's her deal anyway?

So Abbie and Icky track Henry back to Sleepy Hollow Savings & Loan thanks to the overly cooperative nurse. How funny was the exchange about the gay couple? Abbie goes on about more and more states legalizing gay marriage but his shock was "gentlemen wearing hats indoors." Crane outs Baron von Steuben and proves he's hip because he watched the finale of Glee. What a trip that Ichabod Ha!

Henry walks out of the bank and gunshots ring out. The Horseman of War always leaves trouble in his wake. A usually kind teller flips out and though Abbie attempts to talk her down, we see she's possessed by some force. Reyes didn't hesitate, shooting the poor woman on the spot. Shoot first, ask questions later I guess. Abbie had it under control Sheriff, let her do her thing. Dang!

The close up of the coin falling out of the woman's hand clues us in to the fact it's behind the possession. Next victim, nerdy dude with the glasses.

Thanks to bank security footage we learn Henry slipped the teller the coin in question. Ichabod recalls a mission for General Washington where a batch of coins were discovered that would ultimately be melted down and reintroduced later. He theorizes perhaps these coins were meant to turn us. General Benedict Arnold turned on his country after that mission much like the teller turned against her employer.

It never fails to amuse me listening to Ichabod's take on American historical figures. The way he trashed talked Benjamin Franklin last week in Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 2 was hilarious. Now, he informs Abbie that...

Benedict was a brave soldier and loved this country very deeply. I never understood why he turned so suddenly, so ruthlessly... until now. It was shortly after his exposure to those coins that Arnold began conspiring with the enemy.


They connect the dots and figure out Henry's out to turn the tides of the war in his favor. The Horseman of War and the Horseman of Death are not getting along too well this week. Katrina has managed to begin turning Abraham against Henry. Katrina overhears the two talking and learns Henry has moved into Fredericks Manor, the home where he was born. She foolishly thinks there's still a connection between them. Henry setting the bed on fire is obviously proof he only harbors hatred toward his parents.

Jenny returns and recommends Abbie and Icky go see Nick Hawley. She described him as "kind of a go-to guy for rare artifacts. Stuff of a supernatural nature." I've got to say I really enjoyed Matt Barr in the role because he brings a new dynamic to the team. Sure, you can't trust him as far as you can throw him, but that's where the fun lies. You can tell he and Ichabod are going to butt heads, which can only mean tons of fun.

"We endeavour to learn what you know of a rare coin" Ichabod says. "Why is he talkin' like that?" asks Hawley. Yeah I'm going to dig this dynamic.

The guy's a mercenary and Ichabod is right not to trust him, it's all about the Benjamins with these guys. When they turn to leave, Hawley offers up a bit more information about the coin. "It's probably a shekel from Rome, well Tyre to be accurate" Hawley says.

It so happens that the chest of coins Benedict Arnold opened had 30 coins inside. 30 pieces of silver is what the Bible says Judas was paid to betray Jesus. Isn't it wild how the Sleepy Hollow writers just managed to connect two of the most famous traitors in history? You've got to love this show.

The nerdy dude with the glasses blows his Dad to smithereens not far from where our heroes are meeting with Hawley.

How cool (yet creepy) was the Sleepy Hollow miniature town that Henry's been working on all episode long? As locations fall, he colors in the appropriate pieces... the bank and the flower shop. 

Back at the station, Sheriff Reyes questions Abbie about accessing her file. Do you think the Sheriff was telling the truth about hoping Abbie's mom would get help in the psych ward? Something tells me Reyes is an agent of Moloch. Then again, I thought the same thing about Irving at times last season. Maybe I just don't like the Sheriff. What's your take on this?

The flower shop bomber "lawyered up" and guess who's his attorney? "Your son's a lawyer. You must be very proud" Henry Parish tells Ichabod.

Ichabod: We're aware of the Judas Coin and we will have it out of circulation before you can use it to turn a single other heart to darkness.
Henry: Turn? The coin doesn't turn anything. It simply reveals what's already there. The darkness in all of you.

The second half of the episode was basically Icabod, Abbie and Nick trying to stop an infected Jenny from killing Sheriff Reyes. That's right, the bomber's lawyer, Henry, switched the coin out and Jenny touches it.

Abbie and Icky meet up with Nick at a bar. Wasn't the bit about Sam Adams not being the man on the beer bottle a trip? Nick's expression tells us he's not missing much. This Ichabod guy is an odd fellow, with no identification. How long before our heroes share the complete truth with Nick? I'm saying it now, if the Sleepy Hollow writers make us fall for Hawley only to make him an agent of Moloch... I'll be pissed.

Jenny visited Nick and took off with one of his guns. Though Abbie thinks Jenny's coming for her, we later learn Reyes is the target.

Nick informs us that stained glass can protect against the coin. I honestly thought Ichabod's confession would be more clever, but it was cut short when Nick shatters the glass and takes a piece with him. "I've encountered a fellow whose arrogance is matched only by his annoyance" Ichabod confesses to the priest. This has got to be the start of a cool new friendship. Don't let me down Sleepy Hollow writers.

Did you catch the exchange about Abenaki Warriors not being around for a couple hundred years? "Might be time you increase your meds" Nick tells Ichabod. I'm not sure we should trust Nick at this point, and Ichabod clearly feels the same way. Let's see if he manages to prove himself. Abbie's right, they have so few allies it's far too soon to turn someone as valuable as Nick away.

The truth about Abbie's feelings toward Katrina became more clear this week. No matter how you slice it or dice it, Katrina is Henry's mother. Abbie has a point, when the time comes will Katrina be able to turn against her son? Well, he's the Horseman of War so you never know.

Speaking of Katrina, she and Headless discuss Henry's connection to her. Why would he move into Fredericks Manor? Just to set the bed on fire? I'm not sure where this is going, but I'm assuming his parents love for Henry will be their undoing.

Our heroes manage to stop Jenny from shooting Sheriff Reyes, unfortunately (yes I want her gone). Though Abbie almost picks up the coin, Ichabod kicks it over to Nick who catches it with the consecrated glass.

I was a bit disappointed to see that Nick took off with the coin. Sure he reappears with a fake ID for Ichabod, but he's a shifty character. The coin is safe for now, he's not selling it but he is interested in the whole damn set.

Irving is told his lawyer is the Horseman of War and Ichabod's son but Irving doesn't seem convinced. Besides he signed that document last week in his own blood. That's got to tie him to Henry somehow. Is Irving lost as an ally?

Sheriff Reyes gives Abbie her mother's records, and it turns out demons were tormenting her all along. She was pushed into darkness by Moloch.

What matters now more than ever is that you and I stay true. Trust is the only currency with any value.


What did you think of this week's installment? Did the Benedict Arnold flashbacks amuse you? What's your opinion of Nick Hawley? You're turn Sleepyheads, hit the comment section below and share your 2¢. Look for our Sleepy Hollow round table later this week.

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Root of All Evil Review

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Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Confounding, Henry Parish assumes the mantle of War and when he emerges it is not as a raging colossus but as an attorney.


Benedict was a brave soldier and loved this country very deeply. I never understood why he turned so suddenly, so ruthlessly... until now. It was shortly after his exposure to those coins that Arnold began conspiring with the enemy.