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Till investigates the murder of the breachmen and finds a button off a Wilford uniform.

Layton and Till discuss the case. Pastor Logan comforts Boki. He gives Boki a St. Christopher medal for protection. Logan offers to watch over Boki while Till tries to solve the case.

Till asks LJ and Oz about the button. While LJ is not helpful, Oz mentions a woman named Katya who deals in vintage items like the button.

Ruth tells Layton what she saw when Audrey chose to stay on Big Alice. They discuss the optics with Roche and Zarah. It looks like a defection.

Audrey soaks in the tub in Wilford's suite. Ben and Layton radio from Snowpiercer and ask Wilford to put Audrey on.

Audrey comes out to assure Layton that she is not being held against her will. Layton offers to open the border, but she tells him she's not going to return yet. Wilford cuts the communication.

In Big Alice's mess hall, Emilia asks Alex about Snowpiercer. Alex asks Sykes but gets stonewalled.

In the Tail, Astrid checks in with Z-Wreck, Murray, and Strong Boy. She advises they get all the Tailies back into the Tail, that the tensions in Third are dangerous.

The men form a plan and look at Pike who's shaven and getting high. They go without him.

As Murray and Z-Wreck make their way through Third, telling Tailies to head home, they run into Boki who throws Murray across the car.

Ruth and Roche escort Boki to holding after the fight.

Oz takes Till to Katya and her grandson, Elan. Katya worships Wilford, loves him like a nephew ever since they were neighbors in Sheffield. She lights red candles in vigil for Wilford, and Elan tells Till that they give red lanterns to all their customers to light for Wilford as well.

Elan finds a jacket that the button belongs to, but all the buttons are intact. Katya says she traded a sister jacket a week ago. Elan remembers the customer was beautiful and First Class.

Layton makes an announcement to the train, assuring them that the massacre was done by outside forces to divide them, that Wilford is behind it. This doesn't go over well. Anger against the Tailies escalates. Ruth warns him that the message may have harmed the cause.

Audrey asks Wilford why he isn't happy she stayed. He confronts her with the screwdriver she brought to break into the coms box. She admits she was sent to set up a way for Snowpiercer to spy on him.

She tries to convince him that she can't resist him, but he doesn't believe her. He tells her to get dressed and takes her to where Kevin is bound to a chair, crying, having been brought back from his suicide attempt.

Wilford leaves Audrey with Kevin. She must "fix" him to prove that she is loyal to Wilford.

Anger against the Tailies continues to escalate and Layton checks in on Pike in The Chains where he's hanging out. He refuses to run back to the Tail.

Alex confronts Wilford when he returns to his car and accuses him of shutting her out. He counters that she is no longer loyal to him because she picked Melanie.

Audrey counsels Kevin and shows him her scar. She reminds him that Wilford saved him and that he owes him everything. She shuts the blinds in the car to darken it and turns it into a Night Car session, reconnecting Kevin to what he's lost.

Till tracks down Eugenia in the First Class car and confronts her with the Wilford uniform jacket she found in her quarters which is missing a button. She wipes Eugenia's face and reveals a bruise from where the breachman she killed fought back. Eugenia is arrested as she taunts Till.

Anti-Tail mobs are roaming the train cars. Dr. Pelton quickly gets Lights and Winnie and their group into her clinic for safety.

Ruth and Zarah duck into the clinic too. When Ruth tries to introduce herself, Winnie screams and runs for Lights' protection. Lights has to remind Ruth that she tried to take Winnie's arm and killed Suzanne by taking her arm instead.

Pike wanders the halls.

Ruth notices Winnie is missing and goes out to look for her.

Winnie runs into Pike but runs the other way when a mob, led by Janitor Anne, identifies him as a Tailie. Pike gets punched out.

Winnie finds her way to the observation bubble.

Till is filling Layton in on how Pastor Logan is the organizer of the Wilford cult. Brakemen march by and inform him that a mob has taken a Tailie hostage downtrain. Layton goes to see what he can do, leaving Till to deal with Logan.

Ruth finds Winnie, hiding and crying in the observation car. Ruth apologizes for what she did to Suzanne and admits that what she did was very wrong. She promises to keep Winnie safe.

Audrey relives the bathtub suicide with Kevin. She reprograms him to be completely loyal to Wilford. She parades him through Big Alice and brings him to Wilford.

The mob prepares to take Pike's arm. Ruth returns Winnie to the clinic. Layton passes by to get to Pike. Ruth joins him.

Till enters the Tea Room car and notices that the teacup is a piece of Wilford china. She hears a voice through the door and enters Logan's private quarters. She confronts him and he admits that he believes the death of the breachmen was a small price to pay for peace.

Layton stops the mob from taking Pike's arm and offers his own arm instead. They take the offer but Ruth talks them out of it.

Logan tries to explain the reasoning to Till. She throat-punches him and they fight. One of his minions sneaks in and tries to garrote her, giving Logan the opportunity to try to kill himself with Cold. Till manages to disconnect the apparatus before he succeeds.

Roche arrives at his personal quarters to have dinner with his wife and daughter. As the train winds down the corkscrew, many windows are lit with red lanterns, signaling support for Wilford.

Wilford brings Alex to his car to see the lights.

Roche's wife offers to light one but Roche says he's not sure yet.

Wilford gives Sykes the order to have the Headwoods prep Icy Bob.

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Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Ben: Pick up, Big Alice. I know you're listening, you psychotic old goat.
Wilford: Hello, Ben. You sound needy.

I thought I'd be used to death by now. What's eight lives against the seven billion we lost in The Freeze? But it's different this way. This isn't the cold. This is us. People. Wasting each other to violence. We can't stop. It's our answer for everything. We get lost in it. I got lost in it. And now, all I want is for it to stop. I want just one night where I close my eyes and I'm not afraid of what's on the other side. One night where I don't feel so alone on Snowpiercer, one thousand and thirty-four cars long.