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Andy has trouble dealing with her father's cancer prognosis and takes her anger out on everyone.

Jack and Rigo tell Maya they can work together, but they fight during a call and Rigo is badly injured. 

Rigo is treated by the Physician Response team, which is manned by Ben and Pruitt, who serves as an honorary doctor, and brought to Grey Sloan.

Fire Chief Dixon’s son Emmett joins Station 19 as the firehouse's new "probie."

Emmett is late to responding to the call and is put on desk duty.

He later finds an overdosed Sullivan and administers Narcan, though Sullivan brushes the incident off.

When Sullivan overdoses on Fentanyl, he hallucinates Ripley, who tells the battalion chief he needs to get his act together.

Sullivan later goes to Andy and tells her he loves her, but she rebuffs his advances. 

Vic has been evicted from her apartment and secretly moved in with Jackson.

Maya is fed up with the firefighters disrespecting her and tells them to fall in line or transfer firehouses.

Dean and JJ adjust to being new parents to their daughter, but having different parenting styles.

The episode ends with JJ bailing on both Dean and her daughter.

Station 19
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Station 19 Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Travis: So does it turn into a hospital like a Transformer?
Ben: No, it is a hospital.
Vic: Ah yeah, but where’s the crappy cafeteria food and smell of sadness?

Andy: This is the last, last time. We can’t be roommates who have sex.
Jack: Lots of roommates have sex.
Andy: Yeah, they’re called married couples.