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Theo subs for Jack at Station 19, and Vic learns from Travis that Theo was his late husband Michael's captain, the one responsible for Michael's death.

Vic, who has just started dating Theo, confonts him about it, asking whether he knew she and Travis were friends.

Theo swears he didn't, and that there's more to the story, but Vic shuts him down, telling Theo Travis is a part of her.

Vic later goes to officially end things with Theo, but ends up comforting him after he reveals how he too is haunted by Michael's death. Travis walks in on them embracing.

Carina's ex Gabriela stops by, and Maya is immediately jealous.

She later confides in Carina about her jealousy, and Carina says she has nothing to worry about.

Andy becomes annoyed as Sullivan continues to question every move she makes as acting captain.

The marrieds start to talk about it, but Sullivan wants to have the conversation at a later time. Andy reluctantly agrees.

Marsha is still in the hospital with COVID-19, so Jack and Marcus visit her. They take a firetruck ladder up to the room where she's staying and wish her well outside her window.

Dean hires his ex-girlfriend to serve as a litigator against his lawsuit against the Seattle Police Department and determines what justice means to him.


Station 19
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Station 19 Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Dean: I want those officers punished for what they did to me and Joyce, and I want justice.
Condola: OK, so you don’t know yet?
Dean: I just said that I want…
Condola: Justice, it means nothing. And not just in this current climate of public opinion; it never has because justice is subjective. There is no one way to get justice, and especially not with what you went through. So ask yourself what is the best possible outcome of your decision to take on not only the Seattle Police Department, but the very institution of policing in this country. What do you, Dean Miller, firefighter, hope to achieve?

Vic: Just let’s not tell anyone anything.
Theo: Right, so you don’t want to make this a thing?
Vic: I don’t want our thing to become everyone’s thing.
Theo: Yeah, yeah, I got it. As long as this is still our thing.
Vic: Yeah.