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  • Travis offers to be there for Vic whenshe takes her abortion pill. She also calls him out on avoiding his relationship
  • Sullivan and Ross are on a date when they run into Beckett who has loads of alcohol.
  • Maya talks about her choice for their sperm donor. They both are set on their individual choice.
  • Beckett appears hungover at work
  • Theo goes with Vic when she gets her appointment and is there while Carina checks her out. She doesn't want to look at anything.
  • Vic gets her abortion and Theo is there for her. She snaps at him a few times but he's nothing but supportive.
  • Everyone is adjusting to Andy back at the station subbing for Vic.
  • Warren is annoyed that he has to do therapy still.
  • Sullivan is worried about Beckett.
  • Theo and Vic argue when he tells her that he's just trying to be there for her.
  • Harry, a man who is arguing with his wife, pours gasoline on himself and intends to set himself on fire when Andy and Travis respond to a call
  • Theo tells Vic about what happened when his mother had an abortion after his father died. Vic starts to feel the cramping and they head back home.
  • Sullivan subtly lets Beckett know that he's aware of his drinking, but Beckett alludes to Sullivan trading sexual favors for his promotion.
  • Travis tries to talk Harry out of  setting himself on fire and Harry talks about getting divorced from his wife.
  • Harry talks about this wife leaving him after 25 years with no notice and Travis telsl him that he understands the siatuion because he knows what it's like to fall out of  love someone and string them along. He says it while Emmett and the others can hear. But Harry drops the lighter anyway
  • Vic breaks down to Theo and finally tells him how she feels and apologizes for how she behaved.
  • Andy and Jack agree to a no sex and flirting pact so they can get their life on track
  • Sullivan confides in Richard and he tells him to be his sober coach
  • Maya tells Carina that she wants their sperm donor to be someone they know.
  • Owen starts feeling ill and has head issues. They page Amelia who has a CFT leak while she's in the middle of this surgery
  • Teddy confides in JO.
  • Tom has to go to do the surgery on Owen. He's okay and Owen and Teddy talk.
  • The surgery is a success and Kai is inspired by Amelia.
  • Webber tries to get through to Levi, but it's not working, and Levi tells him it's too late.
  • Bailey and Wright have spent all day geeking out, and he misreads a signal and kissed her.
  • Mer shows up at Nick's place to be with him and celebrate.
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Station 19 Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

So what wine do you think pairs with an abortion, do you think? It would be red, wouldn't it?


You get to carry, and it'll be your egg, shouldn't I get to win this one?