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  • Someone comes in to monitor Warren for the custody case with Pru.
  • It's the opening day for the Dean Miller clinic. Jack is nervous about it, and Andy is bummed that she can't be there to help more because she's at 23.
  • Carina and Maya are still talking about donors and Carina has to leave to deliver a baby
  • It's clear that Beckett is still struggling with some things and his drinking and Sullivan takes notice.
  • The 23 cap is back.
  • Maya asks Sullivan about Ross.
  • Andy and 23 respond to a woman who has a dangerous fall when she's out hiking
  • The woman dies in the ambo.
  • Travis is trying to make things up to Emmett and finally Emmett shows up to tell him to stop reaching out to him.
  • Sullivan finally manages to talk to Beckett and get him to consider going to a meeting.
  • Carina tells Maya about Jack's offer.
  • Andy tells Ross about the life she lost and how the PRT team could've saved it. She wants to head back to 19.
  • Ross hears what she says and thinks it solves her problem of which station to shut down.
  • They helped out a homeless man and i twas a good day.
Station 19
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Station 19 Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

No one's looked at me, I mean looked at me and really seen me in six years. Thank you.

Homeless Man

Let's help each other out. You tell me how to win her over, and I make sure that nobody at 19 knows your little secret.