Attending Pride - Station 19
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The crew get ready for a pride event, and Travis talks about meeting his father's new boyfriend and introducing him to Eli.

Beckett returns to the staton for his first day.

Carina seems overwhelmed and brings baby Liam to Bailey and Warren's house. Bailey gives them stuff  they didn't get to use from the baby she lost.

Maya mentions that they have the keys to the house.

The station plays tricks on Andy as part of the inititiation process.

Sullivan notices the tension between Theo and Vic and comments on it to Theo.

The mayor tells Ross that she has to make staffing cuts for budget purposes. He's finally calling in his favors for keeping her in her job.

Maya and Warren talk about parenthood.

Theo, Vic, and Sullivan deal with drunken and high patrons who aren't sharing what they took.

Beckett is speaking to his sponsor about his first day back when someone dressed like an angel comes to the station needing help.

Travis meets his father's boyfriend but can't hold back making comments about his father cheating on his mother. He also learns that his father and his boyfriend are in an open relationship, and that gets to him as well. Eli tries to rein him in.

Protestors show up at the pride parade and start yelling at Ben's sister. Andy can't help herself and eggs them on and calls them out. Mya notices and makes eye contact with one of the protestors. She tells Andy that it's her brother, Mason.

Andy tries to support and suggests maybe she didn't get a good enough look.

Beckett treats a guy who was taking supplements to get into his costume and is having a reaction to it.

Carina and Bailey talk about motherhood and the lawsuit, and Baikley takes Liam so Carina can get some sleep.

Travis tells Eli about sleeping with Emmett, and Eli goes off on him and calls him out for being repressed and having internalized homophobia. Vic tells Travis that maybe Eli was right about him,

A car backfires and causes panic. People run and it leads to stampede situations.

One of the protestors gets seriously injured and is bleeding internally and Maya and the others must treat him. She heads back to the truck to grab something and calls out her brother's name. Mason turns around and makes eye contact with her before running away.

Sullivan saves a drag queen who flirst with him from getting dragged wit a truck.

Bailey helps Carina go over the case files for her suit and they realize that Carina didn't do anything wrong.

Eli and Travis talk and Eli reiterates that they are ending things and it's not because of the cheating but Travis' issues with not realizing he should be sought after.

Beckett bonds with his patient about being his true and most authentic self.

Nineteen regroups at the house and goes over everything that happened. Travis decides to throw a Pride party at the firehouse.

While there, his father talks to him and apologizes for putting his shame on Travis and urges him to let it all go.

Maya and Carina have happy moments in their new home.



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Station 19 Season 7 Episode 3 Quotes

Andy: Bishop, what's wrong?
Maya: I think I just saw my brother.

I'm just going to say it, how many prides do we need?