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Dex smashes Artie's headlight. 

A prison transport is taken out to break out a prisoner, William Kane, that Hoffman had put away.

Dex is trying to find dirt on Randall. 

Hoffman convinced his informant, Darius, to go through with their plan, even though he didn't want to, and the informant was killed by Kane, leaving Hoffman with guilt. 

Darius was the husband of the woman we saw at the police station. 

Dex has Tookie going into Randall's office to get documents on a school he is building on a reservation.

Artie catches Tookie before he can get out with the file. 

Tookie took both original and duplicate copies of the documents which Artie figures out.

Randall and Dex sit down, and he offers a payout for Candace. 

Dex realizes something is incriminating in the documents if Randall is trying to pay off Candace. 

Sue Lynn threatens to turn Dex in for unpaid markers if Dex doesn't back off Randall. 

Cosgrove takes Hoffman off the Kane case. 

Artie has Dex's car towed. 

Artie gets Dex arrested for vandalism. 

Dex tries to file a harassment claim against Artie with Cosgrove, and Cosgrove gets rid of the vandalism charges against her because Artie stole from the police department. 

Kane is the same guy that Grey owes money too, and Hoffman goes to Grey to give him a heads up that he is out. 

Dex confronts Artie about being a bad person after Randall takes the baby away from Candace. 

Artie comes to see Dex. He claims he stole the money to help his daughter, who was born with birth defects. She ended up dying.  

Artie suggests Dex go to Randall's ex accoutant to get help on deciphering the numbers in the documents. 

The accountant tells Dex that Randall is using the school to move something illegal. 

Kane went to the Darius' wife about plans for a job they were planning. 

Artie and Dex go to investigate the building site on the reservation.

Cosgrove finds out Hoffman was still working on the Kane case and tells him to take a vacation.

Dex and Artie find out that Randall is smuggling counterfeit drugs and get caught by Sue Lynn. 

Sue Lynn and Dex team up to take down Randall, forcing him to finish the school, stop smuggling and give his daughter back to Candace. 

Grey tells Ansel to take time off from the bar for his protection. 

Artie gets Dex her P.I. license. 

Grey is kidnapped. 


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Stumptown Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Dex: No, I think I get it. It's not enough for you to win. If someone crosses you, you have to destroy them.
Randall: Sounds like you know what you're up against.
Dex: Sure do.

Wanna ask me what's in my pants? I took the duplicate files and the originals knowing if I got caught with originals they would never suspect I also took the duplicates. Jason Bourne.