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Jessica and Rachel tell Leonard that his execution date has been set for 30 days from now. 

Cahill produces a copy of Sutter's trading program and Harvey's move for dismissal is denied. They're going to trial. 

Cahill tells Harvey they go to trial in five days and Harvey better get something from Mike fast. 

Louis needs advice for his date, but Donna tells him it's time to handle it on his own. 

Harvey asks Mike if he has anything yet, and he says no. He tells Mike they don't have time and he needs to get Cahill something soon. 

Jessica and Rachel plan to delay Leonard's execution to buy time to find Maria Gomez. 

Kevin admits to Mike that Sutter promised them money to keep quiet. Mike tries to convince him to cut a deal, but he's not interested. 

Harvey asks Louis to help him find evidence of insider trading. 

The judge gives Jessica and Rachel one week to find the witness. 

Donna tells Stu that he needs to give Louis access to his database. 

Mike talks to Kevin's wife. He tries to convince her to turn on her father. 

Stu makes a peace offering to Louis thanks to Donna. 

Rachel asks her dad to help her find the witness. 

Harvey tells Mike they got the guy and he's getting out. Mike tells him that if he gets Sutter, he's also going to get Kevin's wife. He asks Harvey to convince Cahill to cut Jill a deal too. 

Louis finds out Tara has a boyfriend, but it's an open relationship, and she wants to date him too. 

Robert tells Rachel and Jessica that their witness died three years ago.

Gallo figures out Mike is informing, and threatens to tell Kevin if Harvey doesn't get him out. 

Cahill tells Harvey Mike's deal fell through. 

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Suits Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

What I think is if you can't figure out how to have a simple date with a woman who's already agreed to go out with you, then maybe you don't deserve to go out with her in the first place. How's that for advice?


Cahill: What are you implying?
Harvey: I'm implying I don't know what you did, but Santa sure as hell didn't put that thing under your tree last night.