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Scottie ambushes Harvey at the coffee stand, and implies she is in town for no reason. 

He later realizes it was to get information on Samantha that she uses to get her thrown off a case. 

When Samantha investigates, she realizes that Scottie was hiding parts of a case that included fraud. 

Harvey and Donna helped Scottie out and she escaped unscathed. 

Scottie tells Donna she'll steer clear of Harvey and the pair become friends. 

Alex takes on the case of a machine not giving a woman her right medication and she dies. 

Alex blames the husband for doing something wrong, but he later realizes a software update made the machine malfunction. 

Louis tried to help Lipschitz who was being taken to court by a former patient. 

The patient had a meltdown at work and blamed Lipschitz for changing his medication. 

Louis managed to stop all of it, and even offered to help the man find a new job because he was looking for someone to blame. 


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Suits Season 8 Episode 14 Quotes

Harvey: Sorry, but I'm not going to let you get in my head.
Scottie: If I wanted to, I could live your head rent-free.

You did something here and I'm going to find it.