Suits Season 8 Episode 14 Review: Peas In a Pod

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That may well be the last we'll ever see of Dana Scott. 

Suits Season 8 Episode 14 brought Abigail Spencer back into the mix as Harvey's ex-girlfriend and powerhouse lawyer. 

While it was exciting to meet the character one last time, by the end of the hour, I couldn't help but shake the feeling she was reintroduced as a mere plot device to kickstart the Darvey train once again. 

Scottie Returns - Tall - Suits Season 8 Episode 14

If you've been keeping up with my reviews of late, then you know I couldn't give a damn about whether Donna and Harvey become a thing again. 

Too much time has passed with teases, and I'm starting to dig Donna and Thomas. It would be cruel to pull them apart in favor of trying to make this 'Ship work again. 

Scottie promising to steer clear of Harvey was telling. She's known for a long time there could be more than a friendship between them, and she wanted to make them see the light. 

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Thomas emerging from the elevator as Harvey was about to open up for Donna was a predictable moment, and one that might as well happen every time there's a glimmer of hope for Darvey. 

With the news that Suits is coming to an end after nine seasons, it seems the powers that be want to bring the pairing that should have happened years ago full circle. 

Harvey Weighs In - Suits Season 8 Episode 14

It's a real shame they never thought the show could flourish with Donna and Harvey together before now, but I hope it doesn't take over the show for these final episodes. 

Scottie going after Samantha was fun and all, but it was a bitter pill to swallow that Scottie was in trouble because of the fake accounts. 

Harvey: Sorry, but I'm not going to let you get in my head.
Scottie: If I wanted to, I could live your head rent-free.

If you watch Suits online, you know Scottie has never been the type of person to get herself in trouble like that, so she let her guard down, and it came back to bite her. 

She clearly never knew how much of a force Samantha Wheeler is or she would never have felt the need to make her look like an idiot to the judge. 

I was on Samantha's side throughout this one because Harvey should have thought higher of someone who is named alongside him on the firm. 

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It's true that Samantha plays in the grey area, but she also comes through to save the firm and her colleagues when the opportunity presents itself. 

Samantha Wants Revenge - Suits

Harvey should have known better than to throw her under the bus that way. That being said, his guard was also down because he thought Scottie was somebody he could trust. 

It was a good vote of confidence in Samantha that Harvey decided Scottie made her own bed, but I was happy Donna managed to get through to him. 

There's always been a rule between Scottie and Harvey that they'll look out for each other. They've helped each other multiple times throughout the run of the show, so it was fitting that it was honored. 

Donna was smart about everything. She could have told Harvey to leave Scottie out to pasture, but she knew it would haunt Harvey if Scottie was left with nothing as a result of the fraud. 

Then there was Louis and Lipschitz. I didn't care for this plot either. Louis did not want to follow orders, so he persisted in trying to save his friend. 

Louis Lays Down the Law - Suits Season 8 Episode 11

That was all predictable. The only part of it that was remotely meaningful was Louis explaining how he would have flipped out at the patient and told him he would see him in court. 

That's the type of schtick Louis would pull, so this did help show that the therapist has had a profound effect on Louis. Then again, I agreed with Lipschitz that it's going to be difficult for them to be able to continue seeing each other. 

This did also highlight how much Louis attributed the strides he's made over the years to his therapist. There's a part of him that will always be thankful to Lipschitz. I wish the plot was more intriguing and that there were more layers to the case. 

There were high stakes, but it felt like a typical C story that would be wrapped up by the end of the hour, and I wasn't wrong. 

Alex's struggle was a real highlight. The fundamental issue was that machines don't always operate the way they're supposed to. 

It was easy to blame the husband for making a mistake because these machines have such high success rates. 

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It was intriguing that Alex recognized he was wrong and still set out to do something nice for the husband Alex was wracked with guilt for blaming him during the deposition. It's not easy to admit when you're wrong, but Alex has proven he will not sugar coat anything, and that's why he's such an integral part of the team. 

Alex Is Not Impressed - Suits Season 8 Episode 8

All of his scenes with Gretchen were fun. You can tell both actors have a lot of fun with their roles. 

"Peas In a Pod" was a weak installment. There were some great moments, for sure, but some of the storytelling decisions are not working well. 

It's apparent the show is running out of steam, and I can't wait to see how it all ends. 

What did you think of Scottie's return?

Hit the comments below. 

Suits airs Wednesdays on USA Network. 

Peas In a Pod Review

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Suits Season 8 Episode 14 Quotes

Harvey: Sorry, but I'm not going to let you get in my head.
Scottie: If I wanted to, I could live your head rent-free.

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