Suits Season Finale Scene
Watch Suits Season 1 Episode 12
"Dog Fight"
Original Air Date:

Chi McBride guest stars on the season one finale of Suits. He plays D.A. Victor Wolf and causes problems for our boys.

Gary Cole on Suits
Watch Suits Season 1 Episode 11
"Rules of the Game"
Original Air Date:

Who doesn't adore Gary Cole? This actor guest stars on this episode of Suits. Harvey and Louis mediates an estate battle between two sisters determined to make each other miserable.

Shelf Life Scene
Watch Suits Season 1 Episode 10
"Shelf Life"
Original Air Date:

Mike's empathy for a fired executive causes a problem this week. It places the firm's relationship with a client in jeopardy.

Seeming Confident
Watch Suits Season 1 Episode 9
Original Air Date:

A class action lawsuit is at the center of this episode, as Harvey goes up against a lawyer from Boston... who has never lost a case.

Louis with a Gun
Watch Suits Season 1 Episode 8
"Identity Crisis"
Original Air Date:

Harvey and Louis are forced to team up this week. They go after a firm that ripped off a nonprofit organization.

Harvey and Scotty
Watch Suits Season 1 Episode 7
"Play The Man"
Original Air Date:

Mike takes on Louis' protégé during a mock trial this week... but might Rachel affect his chances of winning. Harvey also works on a merger.

Elizabeth King Photo
Watch Suits Season 1 Episode 6
"Tricks of the Trade"
Original Air Date:

Has a woman been accused on insider trading? Mike and Harvey work together to prove that their client is innocent this week.

Mike Ross Pic
Watch Suits Season 1 Episode 5
"Bail Out"
Original Air Date:

Mike bails Trevor out of jail as Harvey attempts to represent himself and his driver in a civil suit.

Mike and Harvey at Work
Watch Suits Season 1 Episode 4
"Dirty Little Secrets"
Original Air Date:

Someone from Jessica's past returns this week. Read on for a detailed recap.

Titus Welliver on Suits
Watch Suits Season 1 Episode 3
"Inside Track"
Original Air Date:

Harvey goes rogue this week and Mike turns to Rachel for assistance and advice.

Suits Quotes

Sometimes good guys gotta do bad things to make the bad guys pay.


The longer you go, the less the money matters. The food doesn't taste as good. The cars aren't fast enough. The view isn't high enough. And finally, you realize that you would trade it all in for one night of going to bed, where you don't have to worry, 'When are they going to come for me?'