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Hank puts Kara through some tests and training exercises. 

Winn tells Kara there's a fire at the port. Her attempts to stop it do not go well and she causes an oil spill. 

Cat Graham wants an interview with Supergirl. She asks James to talk to Superman about it. Kara doesn't want to do the interview because she thinks Cat will recognize her, but James doesn't think so. 

An alien attacks a warehouse and Alex calls Kara to check it out with her. She tells them what they're looking for based on a flashback from her childhood on her planet.

Alex teaches Kara how to fight. She tells her she can't rely on her strength without skill. 

Cat tells Kara she thinks Supergirl is taking on too much too soon. She thinks she should start small and work her way up. 

Kara's aunt wants to use the alien as bait to catch her. 

Kara takes Cat's advice and has James and Winn help her with smaller saves. It works and people start to believe in her. 

The DEO sets a trap for the alien and Alex is captured. 

Kara agrees to do the interview to keep James from getting fired. 

Kara comes to Alex's rescue not realizing it's a trap for her. 

Alex kills the escaped alien while Kara fights her aunt. She gets away and Kara asks Alex to train her so she'll be ready next time. 

Alex shows Kara a way for her to communicate with a program of her mom 



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