Supergirl Round Table: Anger Management

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Kara faced off against Red Tornado on Supergirl Season 1 Episode 6 - and while she won the fight, it left her drained of her powers.

Below, TV Fanatics Kathleen Wiedel, Christine Orlando, Paul Dailly and Jim Garner discuss their theories on the fate of Alex's father, Cat's character development and Maxwell Lord's intentions.

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Did Hank kill Alex's father? Could he still be alive?

Kathleen: I doubt that the Hank Henshaw we know killed Alex's father, at least on purpose. My wild theory is this: Martian Manhunter may have been on Earth chasing the same alien that Henshaw and Dear Old Dad were attempting to apprehend. The DEO agents blunder in. Manhunter manages to kill or incapacitate the alien, but not before the humans are very seriously injured. Manhunter uses his technology to put Henshaw and Jeremiah into cryogenic suspension to preserve their lives.

He later attempts to repair Henshaw's injuries with cybernetic technology, but the tech isn't properly compatible with human physiology and drives Henshaw mad. Crazy Cyborg Henshaw attacks Manhunter and flees into the South American jungle. Manhunter takes on Henshaw's identity in the hopes of using DEO resources to fix his mistake with Henshaw and perhaps save Jeremiah, too. Isn't rampant speculation fun?!

Christine: I’m loving Kathleen’s theory. I just know I want to see Dean Cain again so I’m really hoping that their father is still alive!

Paul: I also love that theory, Kathleen! I would love if Dean Cain returned, so I'm also hoping he's alive.

Jim: While Kathleen has a way more thought out theory than I did, I too wondered if dear old dad was possibly alive since no body was found. As we all know, the first rule of deaths in comics is that if you didn't see it die, its probably not dead!

What do you think of the bonding between Cat and Kara? Do you like the changes we've seen in Cat's character?

Kathleen: The bonding is certainly entertaining and allows for us to see more to Cat than a one-sided Evil Boss. And all the development we've seen with Cat certainly makes her attitude more understandable, if nothing else. I can't imagine that I'd have a cheerful, friendly personality growing up with a mother like that!

Christine: I thought Cat was going to be completely one-dimensional when this show started so I’m thrilled that we’re seeing more depth. Her mother was simply horrible! And I love that she both confided in and shared advice with Kara. I find their relationship intriguing.

Paul: I like it. It's always good when characters we thought we hate are given some good material to work with, but I'm still expecting some sort of curve ball that she already knows that Kara is Supergirl.

Jim: I agree with the others, seeing Cat having more than the one-sided "evil boss" has been nice. While I don't know if she already knows that Kara is Supergirl, I feel certain that if (or when) she finds out she will be a very interesting ally to have!

Could Maxwell Lord actually like Alex or is he just trying to get close to her for his own agenda?

Kathleen: One does not preclude the other! He can have his own agenda while also trying to have a little, ahem, fun on the side. But he's definitely a creep.

Christine: I’m with Kathleen. I think he definitely has his own agenda and I don’t trust him for a second but Alex is beautiful, intelligent, fun, and a good person. He’d have to be dead not to be somewhat interested.

Paul: I honestly think he's evil and is just using Alex.

Jim: Looks like we all agree, Maxwell Lord has his own agenda and is most likely using Alex to further it. I suspect that Max Lord will end up being Supergirl's Lex Luthor.

How will Kara handle the loss of her superpowers?

Kathleen: Overall, I doubt her condition will stick more than one episode, especially early as we are in the series. She hasn't been this vulnerable since she first arrived on Earth, and it may well bring back memories of her life on Krypton. (Remember, Kryptonians only have superpowers under a yellow sun, which Krypton did not have.) Hopefully, Kara will take this experience as a reminder that while she may be Supergirl, she is not all-powerful.

Christine: I’m interested in not only seeing how Kara handles it but how her friends handle it too. She’s still going to be called upon to be a hero so who will help her and who will try to protect her or stop her?

Paul: I'm really intrigued by this plot because she's become so accustomed to her powers that this is going to be a wake up call for her not to take advantage of them.

Jim: Personally, I'm horribly afraid that we are going to see a bunch of the typical "powerless man of steel" tropes that have been used in so many movies, tv shows, and cartoons. She will be awkward and forget more than once, she will be "off her game at work." Maybe I'm wrong, but in the end, as long as we are entertained, I'll be ok with it.

What was your favorite quote or scene?

Kathleen: Wasn't it just totally awesome when Cat told off her mother at the end of the episode? The look on her mother's face! Zing!

Christine: There were a lot of great moments in this episode but I loved Cat taking Kara out drinking and giving her some advice about her anger. Then later losing her cool with Jimmy and getting in touch with what she was truly angry about, that she may never end up with the normal life she wants. I really enjoyed how that all played out.

Paul: I loved the scene in which Kara shouted at Cat. I never thought I'd see that happen!

Jim: By far, the scene where Kara is using her heat vision on Red Tornado. The expression that Melissa Benoist had mixed with special effects that paid attention to the tiny details like blood vessels in her face made it an outstanding scene for me.

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