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At the Luthor Foundation Blood Bank, a vampire-like man is captured by the Super Friends. His name is Silas and he is an alien from Transilvane.

Silas tried to break his husband out of the Phantom Zone, but they caught him before they could get out. The team asks him how he broke into the Phantom Zone so that they can save Kara.

He agrees to help them.

Andrea assigns Nia and William to get interviews regarding Lex's trial at the courthouse.

Lillian wants Lex to agree to a plea deal, but he refuses.

Kara is taken in by her father, Zor-El, in the Phantom Zone. He sent himself to the Zone in a last-ditch attempt to save his life when Krypton was destroyed.

Andrea asks Lena for an exclusive regarding Lex, but she declines.

Eve testifies at Lex's trial. He forces her to confess that she was in love with him and damages her credibility.

Brainy trains Nia so that she is prepared to dream Kara's location in the Phantom Zone.

Eve's testimony is thrown out and the murder charges against Lex are dropped. But, Lena is called to testify. She gets him to lash out in front of the jury.

Silas gets his portal to the Phantom Zone to work. But they realize that Crisis fractured the Phantom Zone by creating many pocket dimensions in it.

Phantoms come through the portal and attack the Super Friends. They are able to force them back through the portal and close it.

The jury finds Lex not guilty.

Lex calls on the District Attorney to charge Lena with the crimes he was accused of.

A phantom that inhabited Silas exits him.

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Supergirl Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Obsidian North died for Lex Luthor's sins. Now I want our smart, splashy coverage to bury him six feet under.


People talk about the Zone as a place where time does not pass, but that isn't what makes it terrible. It's the creatures that give it its name. They feed on your fear by making you live it. They're like shadow spores that creep inside you and infect everything good and right. And then turn it against the host. Eventually, you forget that the phantoms are doing it to you at all. Your nightmare becomes your reality. That's when you go insane.