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On this episode of Supernatural…

A magic box made by Cuthbert Sinclair, a former Men of Letters member, holds a special codex. It also has a security system that causes a whole family to kill themselves.

Rowena reveals that the codex will help her read the Book of the Damned. She will help Sam if he kills Crowley as well.

Sam learns that the Men of Letters had a bunker in St. Louis and left the Werther box there.

Dean tags along, apologizing for going on a case alone.

Sam manages to activate the box and cause a spell to affect everyone.

The girl living in the house sees her dead family, and then she kills herself.

Dean sees Benny and Purgatory. Benny tries to get Dean to kill himself, but he refuses and kills Benny.

Sam sees Rowena who gets him to try and open the box with his blood.

Dean arrives to add his own blood to the box, and it opens.

The brothers get the codex.

Sam meets with Rowena, but he locks her up, forcing her to only work on the cure for the Mark of Cain.

He leaves her there telling her to get to work.

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