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On this episode of Supernatural…

After damaging God, Amara runs off to a garden.

God says that he is dying and the scales need to be balanced, so Amara should be killed, too.

The sun is slowly dying.

Sam comes up with the idea of creating a bomb out of souls, and Dean is chosen to be the weapon because of his connection with Amara.

Billie helps out by getting them hundreds of thousands of souls after Sam and Dean get a few from capturing ghosts.

Crowley, Rowena, Sam, Castiel and God hang out at a bar while Dean goes to get Amara.

Dean talks about family.

Amara has a change of heart and chooses to talk with God. They patch things up, and God is healed.

The two decide to head off together.

The souls are taken out of Dean.

Sam heads back to the bunker thinking his brother is dead, and a woman of letters from England arrives.

She wants to capture both Sam and Dean and deal with them, but she shoots at Sam as he walks toward her.

Dean finds himself in the woods and discovers his mom is alive.

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