Supernatural Round Table: A Satisfying Finale or Total Letdown?

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No final battle. No soul bomb going off. God and Amara leave as best friends?

Supernatural Season 11 Episode 23 was definitely a divisive finale as it closed out the Darkness storyline and opened up a few doors toward the next journey for Sam and Dean. Like seriously, what is up with Mary's return?

But was it a satisfying season finale?

TV Fanatic staff writers Sean McKenna and Christine Laskodi and The Winchester Family Business’ Alice and Nightsky have plenty to say in their varying opinions of “Alpha and Omega.”

So join them to discuss the episode in the latest Supernatural Round Table.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite scene or quote?

Christine: I'm torn between two moments. I loved the talk between Dean and Castiel when he thanked him for being the best friend that he and Sam have ever had. And as much as I disliked so much about the hour, that moment when Dean was saying goodbye to everyone, saying he wanted a kick-ass funeral… that got me good. There were plenty of tears flowing, even though I knew he'd be fine.

Alice: My favorite scene by far was the graveyard scene. Visiting Mary’s grave, Dean saying goodbyes, the Castiel and Sam hugs, the awesome final wishes line (I want Gary Busey to deliver my eulogy, too!). But, I’ll offer an alternate since I think that will be a popular choice. 

I died laughing over Crowley, Rowena, Sam, and Chuck glumly hanging out in a bar waiting for the world to end and “Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying” plays as the soundtrack. Who knew a cheesy Gerry and the Pacemakers ballad would go so perfectly with the end of the world?

Nightsky: Crowley had the best line of the episode. When Rowena and God were talking about him as a child, he said something like, "Thank God the world is ending!" That is exactly what a son would say if he overheard his mother telling embarrassing stories about him.

Sean: I’ve got to agree with Alice on Sam and Dean visiting Mary’s grave. It was a great moment between the brothers and a call back to their family.

What did you think of how the Darkness storyline wrapped up?

Christine: It was a real letdown. I can't even say it was anti-climactic... it was just a dud ending. I think perhaps the writers wrote themselves into a story that was too big for even them to get out of without it being the last hurrah. I mean, we said it here a few times. Where do you go after God? It's too big. That's your confetti canon. If you shoot it too soon, this is what happens. However, despite the dud ending for Amara and Chuck, they presented us with two great starting points for Supernatural Season 12, so there's that at least.

Alice: There aren’t words… oh wait, there are. Lame! This season had some really great episodes and loads of promise. What happened? I wonder at what point in the season the writers figured out how screwed they were. How is that acceptable that they build up to the ultimate conclusion the whole season and then go, “Do over!” the last three episodes? This show needs to stop living off fan loyalty and produce a worthwhile story that is both emotionally and mentally challenging to its very smart and passionate fans. I get they can’t please everyone, but it does seem that this year they’ve made a lot of fans very angry and disappointed. 

Nightsky: It seems I've had the exact opposite reaction to the finale than either Christine or Alice! I am thrilled with how it ended. All the foreshadowing pointed to someone sacrificing himself (Dean, Cas and/or Sam) to save the others, and for a while it really looked like they were going to kill off God with his sister, so this choice was better than any of the scenarios I imagined. They got a happy ending, a chance be loved and to not be alone. I really loved that Supernatural gave someone happiness.

Sean: It’s disappointing because of how great the season started and the buildup that followed. Getting to the finale and then ending it all with a chat and “let’s be friends” was anticlimactic. Everything sort of fizzled out. The writers definitely had a tall task when taking on an arc involving God and his sister, but they may have bitten off more than they could chew.

Will we see God or Amara again? Do you want to?

Christine: Of course, to Chuck. I've always loved him, even before he was God (but we all knew he was God.) I'd still like to explore more of that, to see more of Chuck in a God capacity and bridge the gap between when we last saw him (before the musical), and now. To Amara, not really, but I'm sure she'll be back. She's the one who brought back Mary, I assume. So, she may be back to explain herself.

Alice: No, and no. Don’t get me wrong.  I’m actually happy that they finally resolved the whole Chuck is God debate that dominated the fandom for six years. But yeah, I’ve learned all I want to know about God. I’m ready to go back to the whole mystery of the universe thing. Plus Chuck got around the Men of Letters bunker enough where I’m sure there’s plenty of Hand of God artifacts for Sam and Dean to use now.

Nightsky: I believe we will, but not for a very long time. I would love to see them in the last season of the show but I would welcome them anytime. I thought both actors did an outstanding job portraying difficult, complex characters. I truly enjoyed their time on the screen. There would need to be one condition, though $ndash; Amara absolutely needs a better wardrobe!

Sean: I would say we might see them again, but I’d rather not. We got the huge arc involving them and the conclusion (whether you liked it or not), so let’s just let that be. There’s no need to dive into that well again. At the most, a cameo moment from afar would be fine, but I’d be OK if that scene in the garden was their final appearances.

Are you looking forward to seeing more of Toni and the Men of Letters from England?

Christine: That's a big yes from me! I've been hoping they'd get back into the Men of Letters story, as it seemed so vast and full of possibilities in terms of stories that could be told involving the  organization. I'm more excited to see that this is returning than I am about anything else I saw in the finale.

Alice: Yes, I liked her. This storyline has potential and doesn’t look like it’ll get so big that the writers will realize too late that they’re screwed when it comes to a resolution. I’ve been dying for some more Men of Letters stories. If she ends up being a love interest for Sam though, then I know she won’t be around long and I won’t get too invested. Dean had Bela, and she reminds me a lot of Bela. She definitely didn’t last long.

Nightsky: Again, exact opposite! No! I was extremely annoyed by the little tease we were given of this storyline. Haughty, self-righteous bureaucrats that have the nerve to enter Sam and Dean's home and pass judgement on Sam? I was infuriated by this idea and dearly hope it does not represent a long plotline.

Sean: Sam and Dean don’t lock the doors to the bunker, do they? Everyone can seem to just waltz on in these days. As for Toni and the Men of Letters, I’m curious about where that story might go, but I’m not overfilled with enthusiasm. If anything, I think getting back to some more earthly battles might be a good thing. Time will tell though.

What does Mary's return mean for the show going forward?

Christine: I mean, who knows, really? We don't know enough about her yet to make any decisions! Is she OK? Is she evil? Is she fully alive again? Does she remember things? She was, assumingly, brought back by the Darkness, so is she a little dark? I feel like her presence raised a lot of questions, for me. I'm excited to see her again though, and I look forward to that first chat between her and Dean.

Alice: I can’t possibly imagine. In a way I want scenes where she cooks meals for her boys in the Men of Letters kitchen and does some redecorating. That place could use a woman’s touch. On another hand, that’ll get old real fast. Plus, Supernatural is famous for bringing back characters so they can kill them. I don’t want Mary to die again, assuming she’s alive. I hope after a while she realizes hanging with Sam and Dean means death and joins a travel group where she takes a world cruise and goes to the Grand Canyon.

Nightsky: I truly have no idea where they will take this. I can't imagine they would write her in as a permanent part of Sam and Dean's lives. That would completely change their interdependency dynamics. At the same time, I can't imagine that she'll just go live somewhere with a picket fence, nor that they will kill her again. They have my attention, and I am intrigued.

Sean: This was the cliffhanger I was most intrigued about. I really have no clue what her return means and that’s kind of exciting. But I find it hard to believe that she will be back for good. That would really change the dynamic of the show. Hmmm. I really do wonder how this one is going to play out.

What are your hopes for Supernatural Season 12?

Christine: That the writers don't go too big and leave viewers disappointed. We like MOTW stories. We like brother moments. We don't need theories that will go unanswered, big villains that go nowhere, repeating stories that we've seen dozens of times, and sloppy finishes because the writers couldn't get it together in the end. Just keep it brotherly. Keep it simple. Fight the good fight. Blast the classic rock. That's all Supernatural needs to be amazing.

Alice: I’m so deflated over Supernatural Season 11’s very poor end, so my hope is dashed right now. It sounds like there are going to be some new writers so at this point I hope for stories that bring back the heart, are creative and original, don’t forget this show’s roots and underlying themes, and won’t bail on a mytharc because the creative team wrote themselves into a corner.  That seems like a tall order anymore. Maybe I should just hope for more fart jokes.  I also want at most 18 episodes. These 23 episode seasons are killing these guys.

Nightsky: I am really concerned about the brothers being “put down” by these outsiders. That hit a hot button for me so I dearly hope that attitude changes quickly. I do not want Supernatural Season 12's antagonist to be the legacy that gave the boys a home and a heritage. If the brothers get the Men of Letters as allies instead of enemies, I will be very happy. Beyond that, I want the brothers to work together – no fighting or being separated for long periods of time – and I would like the plots to portray them as equals in their relationship.

Sean: Whether it is Supernatural Season 12 or Supernatural Season 13 or whatever, I’d like to know that there’s an endgame. I really think knowing when the final season will be would help put some focus on things going forward. The God/Darkness storyline seemed perfect for Sam and Dean’s final hurrah, but since that’s not the case, I’m looking forward to seeing the brothers getting back to what they do best: saving people and hunting things.

Bringing things back to basics and not having to worry about higher powers could be a good thing (though I wonder how Castiel will fit in next season). And I’m curious about next season’s antagonist, but I hope that doesn’t wind up feeling like the brothers dealing with the Frankenstein family again.

I’m just hoping that next season rights the ship toward a final fantastic run for Sam and Dean.

Sean McKenna was a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. He retired in May of 2017. Follow him on Twitter.

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