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On this episode of Supernatural…

Lucifer tries to convince Sam to let him take over his body and go topside.

Lucifer takes Sam on a trip down memory lane: They see a young Sam kissing a girl, the fight where Sam sacrificed himself and threw himself in the cage, and when Sam got a dog and dated Amelia.

Sam refuses to let Lucifer take over.

Castiel and another angel search for Amara.

Turns out, she is alive, but a bit winded.

She takes the one angel’s grace and sends Castiel to help Dean.

Dean heads off to Hell to save Sam. He runs into Billie the reaper who gives him a tool to control Rowena.

Rowena is forced to do a spell to send Lucifer back in the cage.

Dean and Castiel are pulled into the cage and a fight breaks out.

Before Lucifer is sent back, Castiel allows Lucifer to take over his body.

Lucifer returns as Castiel and snaps Rowena’s neck.

Sam and Dean head off, ready to find a new way to take on the Darkness.

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