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On this episode of Supernatural…

Sam and Dean investigate a case involving a hellhound.

Turns out, a couple of demons let one loose so they could find out what Crowley had been hiding.

The hellhound was struck by a girl named Gwen, and it decided it wanted revenge.

Sam and Dean get Crowley to help them track down the hellhound, and Sam kills it.

The demons free Lucifer, but he kills them.

Lucifer discovers that his vessel is the prison and that Crowley is still in control.

Sam reveals he’s been working with the British Men of Letters.

Castiel gets an offer to return to Heaven if he helps hunt down Lucifer’s child.

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Supernatural Season 12 Episode 15 Quotes

Computers - monsters, porn, is there anything they can’t do?


No, seriously, Sam, what are we gonna say? "Hi, my name is Sam Winchester, and this is my much handsomer brother, Dean. We hunt monsters, oh and that guy you were banging, we’re pretty sure he made a deal with a demon, so a hellhound came and dragged his soul to Hell. But you, you’re cool. And since there’s nothing around for us to kill, peace out."