Supernatural Season 12 Episode 15 Review: Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

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Well, at least Sam told Dean about working with the British Men of Letters by the end of Supernatural Season 12 Episode 15.

It was rather annoying to find out at the start that he was keeping it a secret, especially since the brothers just went through a similar situation with their mother.

And it’s far better to have Dean at least be relatively on board instead of getting multiple episodes with Dean being mad at his brother. Again, that’s been done before on this show, and even more recently with Mary.

On the phone with Sam and Dean - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 15

Sure, everything is going to fall apart with some big reveal with the British group, but it’s much more of a positive keeping Sam and Dean on the same page as a team.

Plus, they may have far more to deal with than just the British Men of Letters.

What about a Crowley in actual control of Lucifer? Or a Crowley that might actually kill Lucifer for good?

Crowley chats with Lucifer - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 15

The King of Hell’s plan still seems a bit of a mystery, so we’ll see where that goes, but it was fantastic getting a real solid twist that kept him in power. What a nice surprise.

Sure, the visual of seeing those wings pop out was awesome, but to avoid the obvious was even better.

It even made up for Crowley and Lucifer’s conversation being a rehash from Supernatural Season 12 Episode 13.

Lucifer is looking for answers - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 15

Though, I can’t stand the corporate aspect of hell or the stupid demons. Bring back scary demons!

But Crowley getting the best of Lucifer does make me wonder if the devil won’t last beyond the end of the season.

Lucifer’s character has certainly lost its luster this season, though Mark Pellegrino has remained a positive through it all.

Lucifer takes the throne - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 15

But to actually have Crowley go for the big move to use Lucifer and then kill him would add so much gravitas to him as a villain.

And hopefully, if Lucifer’s end is coming, it’s a solid payoff that ends in a blaze of glory. And one that actually sticks.

Though, I can see the show having a hard time of letting go of one of it's best villains.

Lucifer stays seated - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 15

At the same time, is anyone worried about Castiel’s story direction? Is Castiel’s end near?

It’s an interesting possibility for Castiel to have the chance to return to Heaven. But will he take it? Can he?

The callback to the angel Joshua was pretty cool, and the introduction of the new angel playing messenger had me wanting to see more of him.

Sam waits for an answer - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 15

It certainly seems like Castiel’s going to have a big role to play as the end of the season draws near, and that’s a good thing.

So often it feels like writers love Castiel but just don’t know what to do with him.

As if that wasn’t enough for the hour, there was the case of the week involving a hellhound.

Dean gets off speakerphone - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 15

It wasn’t the most exciting case, but the return of a hellhound was pretty neat. And the use of those glasses that allow Sam and Dean to see them was a great callback.

I did expect both Sam and Dean to take it on rather than just Sam, but it was still a good sequence at the end. Though, I also thought Sam would use the Colt, too.

But why did the hellhound not attack immediately in the house? That seemed a little off, and convenient for the “girl of the week.”

Crowley’s got a plan - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 15

Overall, there was a lot going on, and some of the pacing was a bit off, often dragging at times.

So while I was expecting more from the hour, there were some decent setups for the multiple storylines, especially in Crowley's big play with Lucifer and Castiel getting that choice.

And how cool was that The Walking Dead/Jeffrey Dean Morgan shout out with the barbed wire bat? What a great little nod.

Lucifer is all ears - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 15

I'm definitely still intrigued as to where the rest of Supernatural Season 12 is going. Let's just hope it's a great payoff by the end.

After all, Sam and Dean are looking to have a lot on their plate, that's for sure.

What did you think of the hellhound case? What about the Lucifer reveal? Sam telling Dean the truth?

Sound off below, and be sure to watch Supernatural online at TV Fanatic.

Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell Review

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