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Donatello is baking and singing when the doorbell rings.  Then he's attacked and given a shot of something in the neck.

Dean is playing Mousetrap by himself. Jack is making Jiffy Pop. Mary is there.

Game night is about to begin when Dean gets a call about Donatello who calls for help. It sounds like a demon is talking to. Dean calls Sam but he doesn't answer.

Dean and Mary go to investigate.

Castiel meets with the woman who befriended Nick/Lucifer earlier. She's an angel and he asks for her help to contact God.

She tells him she can take him to someone who talked to God.

Sam is back at the bunker and gives Dean instructions.

Sam and Jack are deciphering Donatello's message. It's from the Bible.

Mary and Dean arrive at Donatello's house. Nobody is there but Nick.

Dean handcuffs Nick. Nick tells him what he did to Donatello and shows him a live stream of Donatello tied up somewhere.

Anael and Castiel arrive at some guy's place to talk about Joshua. He says the device is in his shop.

Dean and Mary arrive at the bunker with Nick.

Anael and Castiel look around the shop and talk about God.

Dean questions Nick while beating him up. Nick says he wants to meet his son alone.

Jack talks to Nick about Lucifer. Nick knows Jack doesn't have a soul.

Jack comes out and tells the gang Nick is going to tell them where Donatello is.

Anael wants to know what's really going on. She knows Jack' soul is gone and wants to leave the shop. She tells him he needs to tell the Winchesters.

Dean and Sam take Nick to Donatello's location.

Just Cas and Anael are about to leave, he finds the God communicator and try it out. Doesn't work.

Sam and Dean arrive at the location. Dean investigates. Sam stays with Nick.

Jack discovers that Donatello was injected with grace. Mary calls Sam and Nick serenades him.

Dean finds Donatello but someone or something else is in the warehouse.

Nick gets out of his handcuffs while Sam takes the call.

Nick tells Sam he's bringing Lucifer back.

Nick fights Sam while the demon guy fights Dean.

Nick gets the advantage over Sam.

Dean takes care of the demons, but when he gets outside he finds Sam hurt and Nick gone.

Dean calls Mary and tells her Nick is trying to resurrect Lucifer and about Sam.

Nick finds an abandoned house and attempts the spell to bring Lucifer back. Jack feels the effects of his spell.

Lucifer arrives but Jack arrives too and Lucifer disappears. Jack burns Nick alive while Mary tries to get him to stop.

Sam passes out.

Jack tries to explain himself to Mary. Jack uses his powers to get to Sam and cures him.

Jack goes back to Mary and tells her he healed Sam and once again explains why he killed Nick.

Jack gets pissy when Mary tells him he's concerned about him and what he did.

Jack freaks out and screen goes black with him saying, "Mary".













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Supernatural Season 14 Episode 17 Quotes

Listen, I need you to know I'm grateful for every day I get to spend with you and Sam.


Mary: How about you? Feeling better?
Jack: Everyone keeps asking me that.
Mary: We're family.
Jack: Well, it's annoying.