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Jack is all fire and fury and upset that Sam and Dean lied to him. He sends a powerful force that sends them flying and then disappears.

Dean and Cas have words and Cas leaves.

Sam and Dean talk about what to do about Jack.

Jack is walking in the city listening to every conversation. He realizes that everyone is lying and makes them stop.

Sam is talking to Rowena on the phone. She's in.

Sam and Dean go into Mirror Universe to track Jack.

Dean can't lie because of the spell. Sam notices everyone is lying.

Things go haywire as people start telling the truth. Everywhere including President telling the truth about everything.

Cas visits a demon because he wants to go to hell. She urns him down.

God shows up.

Jack visits a lady.

God tells Cas why he's here and says that Jack is a problem.

The lady (his mother's mother) tells Jack he lied to her and is upset then he goes devil on her.

God and Cas arrive at Mirror.

God tries to play a guitar and Dean smashes it, snaps his fingers and takes them someplace else.

God turns everything back to normal.

Chuck says he can't stop Jack, but they can with a special gun that can kill Jack.

If they use the gun and kill Jack, they also die.

Cas still doesn't want to kill Jack. Chuck says he can't fix Jack. Cas comes up with excuses.

Cas is upset and leaves.

Sam tells Dean that he wants to try to save Jack.

Cas goes to a cemetery. He's upset. Jack shows up. He gives him a hug.

Jack tells Cas about his visit to his grandmother.

Then Dean shows up with the special gun.

Cas tries to protect Jack but Dean tells him to step aside. Jack says he's not going to run anymore and faces Dean.

Jack gets on his knees when Dean raises the gun.

Sam runs to try to stop Dean. Jack apologizes.

Chuck is there too and Sam is mad Dean won't do anything. 

And then Dean doesn't shoot and throws the gun away. 

Chuck wants him to do it. It's all part of Chuck's story.

Sam figures out they've been played. Their entire lives.

Chuck makes an offer that if Dean kills Jack, he'll bring back Mary. Dean declines.

God snaps his fingers and Jack starts dying. Dean tells him to stop it and God throws Dean.

Sam picks up the gun and shoots Chuck but nothing happens and God gets pissed and tells them the story is over.

Jack is dead and Cas is upset.

Jack wakes up in the Empty. Billie is there and tells him they should talk.

The world starts shaking and erupting.

Souls from hell are rising.

All the evil is returning to the world. All the monsters Sam and Dean killed.

The monsters attack.


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Supernatural Season 14 Episode 20 Quotes

Dean: Nerds.
Sam: Takes one to know one.

You never should have put him in that box.