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The fight is going on between the boys and the dead that Chuck set forth from last season.

They run into a mausoleum and have a dead Jack with them.

They talk about what to do about the zombies.

Sam finds a possible way out so they can escape. But once they break through the wall, there's a zombie. Cas kills it.

No Jack is awake. He's a demon. They tell the demon the story about what happened.

He tells them he can get them out of there.

After he does his little spell, the zombies are gone.

They're all dead.

A couple of girls are dressing up. The spirits are trying to find new hosts.

One of them gets into Rachel.

All of them are driving away now.

They pull up to a stopped car and investigate. They think it's a Woman in White case. She might be back.

A mother is trying to escape from the ghosts tormenting her. She's locked in her garage with her young child.

The clown ghost is tormenting them -- John Wayne Gacy.

The team is in town trying to figure out what to do.

Sam and Cas tell the sheriff to evacuate the town.

Dean and Jack the Demon talk about good looking people.

Dean tells him about Jack.

Cas and Sam are casing the town to make sure everyone is gone. They go to one house.

Cas sees a vision of what happened. The lady ghost is there.

Sam finds the mom and the little girl.

The clown ghost shows up and slices Sam.

Cas kills the clown.

Belvidere (Jack) tells Dean he's a fan. He knew him in hell. Dean asks about hell.

Cas heals Sam.

The sheriff is dead and the demon yanks out his heart.

Cas and Sam and the women are trying to escape. The clown isn't gone.

Dean tells Bel they need to move when another ghost shows up from their past.

Now even more show up with Sam and Cas.

Belvidere is a little freaked out about the ghost.

Everyone on both teams are fighting ghosts right now.

Dean wants Bel to do the spell.

Belvidere is doing the spell.

The spell didn't work. The ghosts are all back and they're giving chase.

However once they reach a certain point they can't get through, so Belvidere's spell did work.

Everyone is in the car. They drop the mom and daughter off and tell them not to tell anyone about the ghost or angel thing.

Sam and Dean try to come up with a plan. Dean wants to look at Sam's bullet shot. He's going to try to fix it.

They talk about Chuck moving on and starting another story. He has a plan or at least a vision. 






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Supernatural Season 15 Episode 1 Quotes

Cas: He's an abomination.
Jack the Demon: You're an abomination with that trench coat.

He didn't deserve this.