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Dean is bartending at Rocky's Bar. The real Dean. And Pamela Barnes is her bartender. A woman comes in from the rain with an offer to buy the place. Dean declines.

A vampire or werewolf comes in and a fight ensues. The good team wins.

So in Dean's mind, he's bartending as Michael is in control.

Michael tells the three that he saw all of them coming. Sam and Castiel bind Michael with angel cuffs.

Sam gets an update on what's going on in the outside world.

Monsters attack the apartment and Sam tries to come up with a plan. He calls on Jessica, aka Grim Reaper, but Violet shows up because it's her shift.

Violet gets them out of the situation but it wasn't her who did it. They're back at the bunker.

Sam tries to come up with another plan to save Dean. Maggie calls with an update. Michael is planning to bring the monsters where he is.

Sam wants to delve into Dean's mind.

Meanwhile, back in Dean's world he's still bartending and killing monsters that might come in. He's reliving the same scene over and over. Like groundhog day, but he's starting to realize something is a little bit odd.

jack is alone with Michael as Castiel and Sam go do whatever the need to help Dean.

Michael starts playing mind games with Jack. He tells Jack Dean doesn't really care about him and that he wasn't sad when he died.

Castiel comes in just in time to stop Michael and gets Jack out of the room.

Maggie and a group of hunters are standing ground to take on the monsters headed their way. They're trying to protect the bunker.

Michael is playing mind games with Castiel now. Michael thinks this world is a draft and talks about God being a writer. His anger is at God. He wants to kill him.

Maggie and her group approach the van but find that the monsters are gone. It seems the monsters gave them the slip and are heading to the bunker.

Jack questions Sam about the machine he's rigging up. He's willing to give up his life to save Dean.

Michael gets hooked up to the mind machine. So does Sam. Castiel is going to ride along with Sam.

Sam and Castiel end up in a black space in Dean's mind. They figure out that looking through his good memories is a better way to find him.

And it seems that Michael has tagged along inside Castiel. They find Dean's bar.

Sam tries to convince Dean it's not real and Sam and Castiel are got up in Dean's groundhog day.

Dean starts remembering.

Sam says a code word and Dean remembers everything.

Then Michael shows up and starts playing mind games with all of them.

Maggie gets into the bunker and tells Jack what's going on. Castiel figures out that Michael is buying time.

Dean fights Michael and goes down. So do the other two and neither are a match for Michael.

The Monsters have shown up at the bunker and one of Maggie's people have turned and lets the monsters in. Jack takes action uses his powers to get rid of them all but it takes a lot out of him.

They lock Michael in the bar's cooler. Dean figures out that he's the cage.

With Michael locked up the monsters are gone. Sam thanks Maggie for all her help.

Castiel talks to Jack about using his powers. He says he needs to keep the magic or he'll lose his soul.

Dean can feel Michael trying to get out. He's having a hard time dealing. 

Jessica shows up and tells him about the books in her library all having the same ending about Dean's death except one. They all end with Michael escaping Dean's mind and burning the world to the ground. But what's the one that's got Dean so freaked out?







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Supernatural Season 14 Episode 10 Quotes

Dean's not home right now. Please leave a message.


And Sam? The last thing you'll see is this pretty smile as I rip you apart.