Supernatural Season 14 Episode 10 Review: Nihilism

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Can we talk about that ending?

Whatever was in that book Jessica gave Dean on Supernatural Season 14 Episode 10 must've been a doozy because a flurry of emotions ran through him and none of them were good.

He mostly seemed shocked so I'm wondering if Dean's alternative ending might involve his daddy-o because of Jessica's comment about jumping back and forth between worlds. But maybe he's just going to die peacefully as an old man.

Strike a Pose - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 10

Yeah, right. We know that's not going to happen.

It's scary to think that Jessica's reading room was once filled with a million different ways Dean Winchester could die. Now there are only two.

He was already having a hard time with Michael locked up in his mind which is why the variety of his deaths had diminished so drastically.

Jack: Dean? He's strong.
Michael: He's a gnat. I'm a god.

How what he knows now will affect his ability to keep Michael locked away is anyone's guess, but I imagine Jessica shared the information because she doesn't want Michael to win not because she wants to break Dean.

She wouldn't have told him if she didn't think he was strong enough to deal with it.

And now he has no choice but to accept the alternative ending. If he wants to save the world, he's going to have to make sure whatever is in that book happens no matter how difficult it will be for him.

There was something extra special about Michael this hour. He was much more appealing than his previous possessions. It's like Jensen Ackles took it up about a hundred notches.

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Michael was messing with everyone's mind, but I think he affected Castiel the most only because it was hard for Castiel to hear how much hatred he had for God.

But he made a good point about God being a writer, and Castiel seemed to find some truths in what Michael had to say even if he didn't verbalize them.

Michael spoke a lot of truths. Sure he embellished and twisted things a bit, but there were pebbles of accuracy in the things he said. 

Michael: Tell me. Why do you love this world enough you're willing to risk your life?
Castiel: Tell me. Why do you hate this world enough you're willing to burn it to the ground?

He delved deep into Dean's psyche where all of Dean's true thoughts were buried and strategically doled them out to everyone Dean cared about.

I don't believe for a minute that Dean was happy about Jack's death, but in all reality, he was probably relieved because it meant he would be responsible for one less person.

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Michael was pretty shortsighted sticking Dean in a bar on a short loop. If he had been smart about it, he could have done something like the Djinn did and got Dean back together with the nurse. Or with Lisa. Or put him back into a Scooby Doo episode.

Castiel is Useful - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 10

It could have been anything else other than Dean merely hanging out with Pamela Barnes, but if that had happened, it would have taken more than one episode to snap Dean back to reality.

And maybe Sam and Dean wouldn't have been successful at all.

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It was kind of surprising to see Pamela Barnes in Dean's memories. If the lady hadn't asked her who she was, I wouldn't have had a clue. It was so long ago!

Still, it was entertaining to see what could have been had Pamela not died. She would have been a great addition to the team.

And Dean was having such a good time. He had a beautiful girl to flirt with, he owned a bar, and he even got to kill a few monsters.

Sam Has a Plan - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 10

Life was simple. Maybe that was the point of Michael putting him in that specific loop, but I think I'm giving Michael too much credit.

Speaking of the team, Maggie showed no fear when trying to stop the monsters, but she also showed that she's still a little too green to be doing anything on her own.

If she's going to continue to be a part of the team, Sam needs to keep her close. If Jack hadn't used his powers to save the day, it would have been all over for everyone.

Jack Saves the Day - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 10

Still, I think that the Winchesters need to cull their team. There are too many people to keep track of these days who, in the overall scheme of things, don't add much to what's happening in the bigger world of the Winchesters.

Maybe I'm just being mean.

What did you think?

What are your theories on Dean's alternative ending? Does it have something to do with John Winchester?

Will Dean be able to keep Michael locked away?

Should Michael have been more creative in his memory loop? Who would you have liked to have seen in that loop?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Nihilism Review

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And Sam? The last thing you'll see is this pretty smile as I rip you apart.