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Harlan, Kansas. A woman is walking and a man is there.

Bob kills her. He's another guy in disguise.

Sam and Castiel are at the high school. Sam tells people what's going on.

Dean is looking for ghosts with Belphegor.

There's a ghost and Dean blows him away. He tells him Jack the Ripper is here.

A group of people are talkinga about what they can do.

Three's a house that has all the ghosts gathered. He tells them what's going on.

Some people have escaped and run into ghosts.

Sam and Cas get visited by Rowena. They need her help.

Someone tells Sam there's a situation and Sam, Dean, and Belphegor visit the two people who were accosted by ghosts. They're possessed . 

Jack the Ripper shows up. He wants out.

Another hunter guy shows up...one of the letter men. Ketch is there to help him.

Ketch and Rowena flirt.

Ketch tells a story about Belphegor. He knows what Ketch is talking about.

God visits his sister, Amara.

Rowena wants to know more about Ketch. Dean warns her off.

Cas talks about Jack and Mary. Dean is not happy.

Dean and Ketch walk around outside checking for ghosts.

Ketch wants to know about Rowena. Dean gets a call about missing hunters and they both go looking.

A ghost shows up to do battle. The something else shows up and the ghost goes away. It's Kevin. He tells them the wards are fading.

God is talking to Amara. He wants to get closer to her.

Amara knows something is wrong.

Dean wants Belphegor to recharge the wards, but he says it was a one time thing.

God's bullet is a connection to Sam.

The ghosts know the wards are failing. They come up with a plan. Kevin shows up at the ghost meeting.

Ketch and Rowena are seriously flirting as they're trying to get work done.

Jack the Ripper gives Rowena a message for Sam and Dean as Ketch comes to the rescue but is knocked out.

They meet with the ghosts and Rowena frees Kevin. They have to plan to make sure the ghosts don't escape.

Lots of ghosts are trying to get in. Rowena tries a spell that seems to be working.

Ketch gets invaded by a demon or maybe he was a demon all along. Franckis - soul catcher - jack the ripper - took Ketch's disguise but Dean gets the magic thing back.

Kevin talks about going to heaven but knows it's not possible. He goes back to hell.

Amara leaves Chuck. She doesn't want to help him.

They look at all the ghosts trying to get in. It's non stop.













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Supernatural Season 15 Episode 2 Quotes

Our strength is in numbers.

Jack the Ripper

I can't believe I teamed up with a demon again.