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Here we go! It's the series finale. Cue the tears!

WAIT!!! Dean DID adopt the dog!!!

Sam's running, IN THE SUN!!

They're going to hate this happiness.

Holy moly. Jared Padalecki is lean and ripped.

Dean makes his bed like I do while Sam tries to do it perfectly.

Dean lets the doggo clean off the plate

Sam's doing laundry and reading a book.

Dean's cleaning his guns until he notices the time and heads the conference table.

The song "Ordinary Life" plays throughout. Nothing weird is happening.

But Dean? He's got something. They're on the road! But where is the dog? 

Dean's destiny. Pie Fest!! He actually sheds a tear.

Dean returns with six pieces of pie, but he notices Sam is wearing his sad Sam face. Sam is thinking about Cass and Jack, wishing they were here.

Dean shashes the first piece of pie in Dean's face. He feels much better because he's wanted to do that for a very long time.

Some dude is getting the mail while his wife sends the kids upstairs for bed. The doorbell rings. Nobody is there. But it's not just some kids. It's a couple of creeps in masks, and they've driven a sword thing through Lyle.

Mom screams, and one of the dude's tries to find the kids after killing her. One of them gets dragged out from under the bed.

One of the bodies? It's blood was drained. Both kids were taken. Mom's tongue was ripped out. Sam and Dean arrive, fully dressed in FBI gear. It's old times! They recognize the face the mom drew. 

Vampmimes! Sam and Dead make pretty easy work of them once they're found. 

Dean and Sam give one of the guys a choice between the long blade and the itty bitty blade, harassing him for his choice of little blade. But they learn the kids aren't dead. They're with the nest. They have a couple kids, raise them up, juice them. They don't do fast food.

Digging in their trunk for weapons, Dean just wanted to use the star thrower things once, but Sam overrides him. Poor Dean.

The Vampmimes are lurking about and leap out when Sam and Dean try to get the boys out of the barn.

Awww. A nice big fight scene just like old times. Heads lopping off all over the place. They've got Den on the ground. Dean knows their leader. It's Jenny from a hundred years ago!

She called dibs on Dean, but Sam lops her head off before she gets a taste. Poor Jenny.

Couple of more heads rolling, and Sam makes short work of them. Dean didn't do well with this group. Dean has something in his back. Feels like it's right through him. He got stuck on the rebar. FFS.

He doesn't want Sam to move him. He feels like it's holding him together. Dean doesn't want him to leave. He's crying. Stay with me. Dean wants Sam to take the boys someplace safe. Dean's not going anywhere. 

Except, he's going somewhere. Dean dies amidst so many tears.

Sam has a funeral pyre for Dean. 

Sam has to face another day on his own. He's lost his joy, even scared by the toaster. The dog is there, looking up at Sam as he cries, looking at their names carved in the table. They're all gone.

Sam goes to Dean's room and turns on the light. He and the dog sit in Dean's room and cry.

Something in buzzing on Dean's desk. It's one of the phones they use for work. It's someone asking for Agent Bon Jovi. They've found a few bodies in Austin without their hearts. He's on his wahy.

Sam pans the bunker as if he's never coming back.

Dean is in heaven. The first person he finds is Bobby. Jack changed everything before moving on. It's not perfect because he doesn't have his brother, but he does have Baby. And time is different up there, so Sam will be along in no time.

Sam has a son! Baby Dean!

His whole life goes by while Dean is taking his first drive in baby.

Sam's house is filled with family photos. His son is a teenager.

Sam is greying now. He's pulling the cover off of his Baby in the garage, reliving old times. It's been a long time since he was in there. He gingerly puts his hands on the wheel, and by the, he's in a hospital bed.

His son, Dean, has their tattoo. He's telling Sam it's OK to go now. Carry On My Wayward Son changes.

Dean stops on a bridge to check out the scenery. He fells Sam arrive behind him. They're reunited. 

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Supernatural Season 15 Episode 20 Quotes

Sam: Is the place?
Dean: Dark, creepy, something out of Wes Craven's erotic fantasy? Yeah, it's 100% the place.

Dean: You know what this is? Mimes. Evil mimes.
Sam: Yeah, or vampires.
Dean: Vampmimes! Son of a bitch.