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Sam and Dean hear a sound that worries them.

It's their doppelgangers in a freakin teeny VW bug. The doppelgangers fist bump!

And just like that, they're gone.

Sam and Dean are disgusted by how they look and their car.

Billy says the other worlds are almost done, and they need to be prepared for their time.

Jack needs to find the Occultum? Maybe? Nobody knows what it is, where it is, or what it does.

Jack assures Billie he's ready.

If God catches onto what they're doing, it all comes crashing down.

Sam is highly annoyed that they're searching for a needle in a spiritual haystack.

Dean cannot wrap his head around their mission.

If they leave the world out of balance by killing only God without killing Billie, Dean thinks it's out of whack. Sam wonders if Jack will take over, and when he walks in blowing his first bubble, Dean realizes probably not.

Cas has news on the Occultum. Housed for hundreds of pirates, Dean begins? No, no, and no, but the upshot is that Sister Jo took it in a trade.

Jo laughs about siding with them over God. But she doesn't have the Occultum anymore. She gave it to Ruby.

By the time Sam and Dean get back, the doppelgangers wonder if they can all just live there together. No. They're heading to Brazil.

DoppelDean says when the were lookin' around, they saw the car. DoppelSam says they drove in it. 

Cas is checking on Jack. He's back. And something is different. Inside, Jack is crying. He's back, and he fully understands what has happened. He begs for Dean's forgiveness.

They weren't friends, but they pooled their talents when the opportunity presented itself.

The Occultum is worth millions, so Jo sold it.

But, well, Ruby is dead, so it's in hell with her.

Jack doesn't feel things the way he used to, and he seems to be trying a bit of everything to feel. After a sad discussion with Jack, Cas takes Sam and Dean to see their doppelgangers. They seem to be stuck in a veil.

Dean didn't know that Sam and Ruby was sexually intimate with Ruby. Cas can't believe they'd trust Jo. And they need more information to go to hell.

Cas thinks Jo was lying. He wants more information. He wants Jack to kill him -- almost. He thinks he can put one foot in the afterlife to contact Ruby.

Jack is gonna draw out Cas' life force and keep it in a flask. Jack is worried that he'll screw up, but Cas has faith in him.

Jack also has to feed the spell bowl to keep the rift open, or they'll be lost forever, too.

Cas wants only one hour before jack brings him back.

Sam and Dean walk right into a trap. They're at least slightly prepared. Dean takes out two women while Sam gets the dude. Jo promised to get the three out of hell. Why? Because the bitch set them up.

Jo turns down a guy looking for her help by saying Jo retired.

Cas is in the empty looking for Ruby. It's Meg! But it's the personofication of the empty. Wow!

She points him in the right direction.

Ruby has no idea where she is. She laments losing a good thing in Sam when he killed her.

Ruby's story about meeting with Jo differs a bit from Jo's. Jo suggested they work together and make whatever new world order work for them. The Occultum is a place-ish. Ruby knows where it is, but it's not in hell.

She wants to help only if he gets her the hell out of there. She whispers to Cas where it is while Jack relay a lot of hopefullys to Sam and Dean.

The Empty aka not-Meg wants to stop Cas because she's on Death's side. If Death's plan works, she can go back to sleep. Jack is putting Cas back into the vessel. Does he make it?

Jack does it just as it looked like The Empty would kill him.

The Occultum is the safest place in the world, Cas says. And he's got the location. Is he still an idiot, he wonders?

Dean thinks that they can trade their doppelgangers out of the in-between so that if Chuck drops by, they'll still, essentially, be in the bunker.

Doppel Winchesters don't drink much beer as their dad spoils them with private label scotch. They came through the rift together, but dad got separated from the group.

Doppels hunt worldwide with two sets of planes on standby. They get paid for hunting monsters. Hunter Corp. Dad built up an entire empire from scratch.

Doppel Sam can't believe they have a relationship with God. So the boys give themselves pointers like losing the man bun. 

Cas directs the family to a chapel. Jack is quite skeptical. When they throw open the door, you can hear monsters. Jack wonders if it's a bear. No, hellhounds. Dean is picking the lock as the hounds approach.

They find the Occultum.

Doppel Sam refuses to lose the man bun. His hair is sacred. They're drinking beer in front of a computer screen. Watching kitten videos. And porn.

Doppel Dean appreciates our Winchesters.

Jack ate the Occultum ball. He is transported to a green paradise where there is a little girl. She wonders if he's an angel since humans may not enter.

It's the Garden of Eden. Man's beginning. He loved Adam and Eve until he banished them from the garden and hid it away. If he was meant to find it, it will change him somehow.

Jack's gonna get his soul back!

Jack returns to the church where Sam is still trying to keep the hellhounds at bay with no help from Dean or Cas. But when the doors swing open, the orb spits out Jack and the hellhounds disappear.


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Supernatural Season 15 Episode 13 Quotes

Cas: The Occultum is divine in origin. It was housed for hundreds of years in an ancient temple before it was...
Dean: Plundered by pirates!
Cas: No.
Dean: It was dug up by tomb raiders!
Cas: No!
Dean: It was seized by the king of the dead and his warlords. Am I close?
Cas: Looted by invading Mongal hordes for trade on the black market.
Dean: Yeah, I was gonna say that next. That was the next one.

Sam: Jack, listen, about Billie's plan. She hasn't been real specific on the details.
Dean: Yeah, when you go up against Chuck, you gonna, what? Bob and weave or do you go straight in for the full smite?