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An alternate world. President Hilary Clinton is in Iowa.

Chuck is at Radio Shed to get a new TV.

No, not so much. He wants an audience. It's monologue time.

The kid tries to turn off the TVs. He cannot. Chuck discusses his multiple worlds with all the same characters wondering if he screwed up with all of the other hundreds of Sams and Deans.

The other toys don't spark joy, but the real Sam and Dean do. They challenge him, disappoint him, and surprise him. They're the ones.

He doesn't need more things, more distractions. He needs less. So Chuck will destroy the other worlds, or cancel shows, in his head.

Jody is looking at a cow in our world. She thinks it is an instance of animal cruelty as Bessie seems to have been clubbed to death.

Until she sees the open door on the barn.

Jody experiences some of that animal cruelty.

Sam, Dean, and Castiel are discussing Billie and Jack with his empty soul. They have no idea where his head is now after being in the empty for months.

Jack is touching the carvings on the table, that's where he is.

He seems thoughtful as he peers around his room. And then a lady shows up. He rang? Death has her hands full, so she sent this woman.

Sam wonders about cosmic balance while Sam and Cass speak of trusting Billie.

Jack is worried that when he calls out for Billie, she doesn't come. The woman says that it must be because Billie knows he'll handle it.

Sam comes up and hears Jack talking to someone. He enters, and Jack is alone.

Sam hopes that Jack knows he could have gone to them first and they would have helped him.

When Cass was with Jack's mother, she had faith Jack would be good for the world, so Cass felt it too. He and Dean toast to Jack fulfilling his destiny.

Jody calls and the boys run out to find her so she doesn't get killed as she suggested would happen if they didn't show.

Kaia is alive in the alternate world, and not-Kaia is who captured Jody.

Cass meets Jody in person for the first time.

Jack can't help Kaia, and none of the other plans the gang comes up with .

Not Kaia sends Claire on a false lead. She's been hoping to get revenge for years after how much she loved Kaia. But Jody decides that it's better she's gone because at least she won't get her hopes up.

Not-Kaia came here because she envied Kaia. Her world looked peaceful. But this place is cold. She doesn't understand it or know how to move through it, so she just finds empty spaces to hide. She's done with this world.

Not-Kaia grabs Jack's hands, which upsets him. He wants to help, but he's only doing what Billie says, so he pulls away. Until he puts his hands on her forehead. Uh oh.

Jack sees Kaia huddled up singing to herself.

The reaper who works with Billie arrives again. Her name is Merle. She's annoyed that Jack used his powers.

Merle tries to talk Jack out of helping Kaia, but even when she promises to tattle, Jack decides she can just go and tattle, but Billie will get there too late. And why not just run to Billie and see how she reacts to Merle's incompetence. Or, stick around and help.

She takes them up on helping. She thinks they have to get up the cosmic warding that Amara peeled off the walls that they've been too stupid even to try repairing.

They can't restore it permanently, but she knows how to get it up for a while. Good enough warding isn't, as they say, good enough.

She has to borrow Cass to try to get it moving.

Cosmic warding spell time!

Safety sticks to the walls one wall at a time.

Sam and Dean are all stocked up and ready to take a big cosmic risk doing the dumb right thing and all that jazz.

Cass asks Jody to stay. He can't make things right with Claire, but if something goes wrong with the rescue, and Kaia isn't saved, Claire will be devastated. But if she loses Jody, too, it would kill her.

Jody is sidelined.

Jack rips a hole, and Not-Kaia is the first to jump through. Sam and Dean follow.

Nasty weather greets them. Monsters are there, too.

Kaia is living in Not-Kaia's home. She hears them shouting for her, grabs a weapon, and exits. She's thrilled to see them again.

Kaia considers Kaia on Not-Kaia violence, but Not-Kaia would rather die than go back somewhere she doesn't belong.

A tsunami is coming through the forest. Not-Kaia opens her arms.

Jody waits for them to return, and they burst through just as the world comes crashing down.

Kaia is wearing Jack's clothes. She saved herself in the other world with a nursery rhyme that her mom used to sing her.

Jody and Kaia leave.

The warding spell worked, Merle says, just as Billie scythes her to dust.

Billie delivers the news of Chuck's latest works. He's wiping the slate clean in preparation for the end. When she was a reaper, she followed the rules. But when she became death, she inherited all of the books, including God's. The books write themselves. God has a book. And they're all in it. The Winchesters are the messengers of God's destruction.

Chuck is still watching TV. He's still decimating worlds. And no, he tells the kid, he won't spare their world.


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Supernatural Season 15 Episode 12 Quotes

One measly life on the line and you're ready to lose it all? That's not just dumb, that's Winchester dumb.


Not-Kaia: I saw you. You encouraged her. She was scared, and you pushed her to cross over.
Jack: I wanted to help her. She was in so much pain.
Not-Kaia: She's in pain now, and soon, she will die.