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A couple of girls come out of a bar and one of them starts throwing up.Meanwhile her friend in the car "disappears".

Angela wakes up tied up to a chair. Her blood is being sucked out and the line is connected to a monster in the cage.

Dean is looking for a case and finds one. He goes to the town and investigates.

Dean meets up with an old friend named Leo. Meanwhile Sam is checking stuff out with Eileen.

Cas shows up at the bunker.They talk about Sam's bullet wound being related to Chuck.

Cas tries calling Dean about Sam's situation. He doesn't answer.

Cas calls Sergei for help with Sam.

Dean goes on stage and sings with his friend.

Cas meets with Sergei in the bunker.

Dean finds the dead girl's body. And his friend Leo puts a gun to his head and knocks him out.

Dean gets out of his situation, but the monster breaks out of his cage.He kills his friend and ends up back at the bunker.

Sam tells about his experience being out. 



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Supernatural Season 15 Episode 7 Quotes

There may be some of you inside Chuck.


You could give show business a shot for yourself. You got the look.