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At a cocktail bar a waitress is walking around with drinks in a club that has nothing but dead people. God is there at the slots machine when she serves him a drink. he's also winning.

Eillen is fighting a vampire along with Sam.

Dean comes up with a plan to beat Chuck. He found a rock that has instructions on how to beat god.

Cas and visits Donatello with the rock.

Chuck takes over Donatello's body and talks to the guys. He heard what they were planning. Cas wants to drop it. Dean doesn't think so. Donaello leaves.

Chuck threatens Jodi and the others.

Sam and Dean perform a ritual to go back to hell. They get to hell and have to fight lady guards.

Rowena saves them. She's the Queen of Hell. They tell her about Chuck and Michael.

Rowena is different now. She orders her minons to find Michael.

A minion comes in and says Michael is nowhere to be found.

Adam is enjoying a burger at a diner. He's with Michael...which is him or a clone. He's pretty much talking to himself.

Donatello is back in. Dean calls him to see if he's had any inkling about Michael.

Dean tells Sam he should try the family thing with Eileen.

Lilith joins Michael. Chuck sent her. He wants to talk with Michael. Michael destroys her and Donatello feels it. He calls Dean to tell him.

Cas is talking to Michael in thought and telling him about Chuck and the fight.

Michael shows up as Adam in hell. He traps Michael in a fire circle. Sam and Dean are there as well.

Michael turns to Adam and Sam and Dean tell him what happened before Michael takes over again.

Michael and Adam talk about the situation. Michael doesn't trust the boys and doesn't want to turn against God.

Eileen tells Sam about the woman who called her. Michael tells Cas he's not going to betray God.

Michael tries to kill Cas and Cas puts some memories in his brain so he can see the truth for himself.

Sam and Eileen go the the place where the woman was and she's not in her car. She said it was a vamp problem.

But Sue is not Sue. It's Chuck. He tricked them.

Michael decides to help the team. He gives them the spell. They have to get the nectar of a blossom in purgatory. He opens a door for them. They have 12 hours.

Dean wants to talk to Adam and Michael lets him. Dean apologizes.













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Supernatural Season 15 Episode 8 Quotes

Eileen: You're worried about me?
Sam: You think I'm being overprotective?
Eileen: A little bit.

That's a winner.