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The boys are walking around trying to figure out how to fight the ghosts. More ghosts are coming out of hell.

Rowena is performing a ritual to close the gates of hell, but it doesn't work.She explains what happens.

Belphegor leaves and Cas follows. They go to the open hole to hell. Rowena starts acting funny.

Cas questions Belphegor about the hole to hell. Belphegor has an idea.

Ketch is accosted by a demon in the hospital and killed because he didn't get Belphegor as promised.

Cas and Belphegor go to the opening to hell as requested by Rowena.

The demon texts Dean and Dean tells the Demon what they're doing. 

Belpehgor and Cas are in hell. Cas goes off on Belphegor for wearing "Jack."

Cas and Belphegor finds a chest that has the horn they need.

Rowena is performing another ritual. The box opens in Hell and he gives Belphegor the horn but the Ketch demon (Ardat) knocks Cas out and takes the horn. She wants Belphegor.

Cas wakes up and fights Ardat. She tells him Belphegor wants to rule hell which is why he came. Belphegor kills her. Then he shows Cas his true colors. He's going to suck all the demons and ghosts into him to be powerful.

Belphegor sounds the horn and things get crazy. Rowena and Sam perform the spell.

Dean throws the stone into the pit of hell and it's starts caving in while Cas goes after Belphegor. Everything stops.

Belphegor "becomes" Jack. Cas kills Belphegor. Rowena stabs herself and gets something out of her chest. It's her last last ressurection sachet. She has no hope.

Rowena's going to sacrifice herself to save the world. Sam has to kill her. He doesn't want to.

Cas is out of hell and talks to Dean.

Sam kills Rowena as she requested. He's disgusted with himself.

Rowena starts taking the ghosts in. She walks over to the opening and jumps in, saying her goodbyes.

Hell closes up and the ghosts are gone.

Sam and Dean are back at the bunker. Sam is upset and Dean talks to him.

They know Ketch is dead. Dean thinks it's all over now that the ghosts and demons are gone.

Cas and Dean have an argument. Cas decides to leave.










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Supernatural Season 15 Episode 3 Quotes

We're going to end this, Sam, like you said. We're going to be free.


We're all going to die.