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A girl is fighting a guy in a Fight Club type setting.She knocks him out but he's a monster - werewolf. She ends up killing him.

Dean is at the store buying groceries and beer.

Sam is back at the bunker, cooking.

Things are not going well for the Winchester boys. Dean's got a toothache. Sam is burning his food and his hands.

Dean's credit card is declined. And there's more disasters like a parking ticket waiting for him.

Dean gets a call from Garth and they head over there. Sam is sick and Dean's car dies. They're stranded and start walking.

Sam and Dean show up at Garth's place.

Garth named his kids Castiel and Sam. Dean is a little upset about it.

The guy who was in a fight is Garth's cousin. He's passed out in a spare room. His name is Brad. He didn't die.Seems like a wraith attacked him.

Garth's wife gives Sam a homemade sick recipe. Garth is going to fix Dean's teeth.

The sick medicine was filled with cayenne.

Dean is given gas and starts hallucinating that he's in a Fred Astaire movie with Garth.

.Sam and Dean tell Garth and Bess about their God troubles.

Brad wakes up and he tells his story.

Sam and Dean are going to go to the Fight Club.

Dean gets sick from the grilled cheese he ate. 

They get caught by a guy who took the grenade launcher.

They're going to fight a guy in the Fight Club.





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Supernatural Season 15 Episode 10 Quotes

Dean: I'm telling you we're cursed.
Sam: Dean, we're not cursed. We're just having a bad day.

Mommy, the giant's crying!

Garth's daughter