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Sam is tied up in a casino where they had gone last episode....set up by Eileen. Chuck is there. He's been controlling her. He tells them he's been setting them up all along.

Chuck pulls out a scapel.

Meanwhile, Cas and Dean are trying to get a hold of Sam to no avail.

Eileen calls Dean secretly so he can hear what's going on. Chuck figures it out. He talks to Chuck for a minute before Cuck throws the phone.

Dean tries to find out where Sam is. Cas doesn't want to go. He has another plan to save Sam and the world.

Chuck is trying to dig out the bullet in Sam - fix the wound, but he's stalling.

Chuck commands Eileen to do the dirty deed because he doesn't want to.

Cas and Dean go to purgatory to find a bloom for the spell.Dean wants to split up to improve their odds. Cas says no. They're being tracked by something.

A monster comes at them but they take him down and ask him for help. He tells them about the Leviathan blossom and how it works. They take him with them to where one is supposed to be.

Chuck snaps his hands and puts Eileen and Sam back in another time. He changes the narrative.

Sam gets a call from Jo that Claire is dead but then he's back to the current situation. Chuck threatens all sorts of stuff about the future.

Cas and Dean talk about their falling out.

Alternate future: Back to the wolf/vamp situation with Joe. Apparently Cas is dead too. And all the monsters are winning.

The monster guy brings them to a trap and Dean gets knocked out.

Dean wakes up and Cas is missing.

Sam sees more of the future. Now, Dean wants to stand down and he talks about Cas' death. Dean wants to quit.

Dean is still looking for Cas as time is ticking for the portal. Dean starts praying as a way to speed things up, hoping to hear from his angel friend. And apologizes for being an ass. He's crying.

Sam sees more of the future. He wants to continue to fight with or without Dean. Dean joins him despite not wanting to.

There's no more future for Sam to see. Dean finds Cas.

He has a Leviathan blossom. Cas heard Dean's prayer.

Jump to 2022 --- Sam and Dean are preparing for a monster assault. They're trapped.

Bobby and Jodie are coming to kill them because they've turned into monsters themselves. Dean kills Jodi. Sam dies after getting shot by Jodi and stabbed by Bobby.

Cas and Dean are performing the spell.

Chuck is telling Sam how it is if they klll him.

Cas and Dean arrive at the casino to take down Chuck. They find Sam.

Eileen is still under Chuck's control and attacks Dean. Chuck makes an appearance. Dean fights Chuck and Chuck smacks back.

The spell ball Sam can't decide what to do and he doesn't release it. Chuck gets the ball. Sam lost hope and that's why Chuck won this round.

He grabs the spell ball and destroys it.

Chuck tells them that the memories were all the way it was no matter how hard he tried. Dean tells him to fuck off because he's not going to give him the ending he wants.

Eileen is planning to leave the bunker but she's freaked out. Sam is upset. They kiss.

Sam tells Cas and Dean why he didn't release the spell. Dean isn't mad. They aren't giving up yet.

Meanwhile in the Big Empty, Billy shows up and tells Jack "It's time."





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