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Amara is in Iceland, sitting in a hot pool drinking wine and reading a book when the sky starts to light up with meteors or something. Her brother is coming home.

Sam and Cass are on the phone. Cass was chasing rumors about killing God that didn't quite pan out.

Sam isn't talking to Dean. He's giving him the silent treatment, annoyed at the last shot language.

Amara pops in and grabs a beer. They have know how to cage God. Dean says he's got one Jack. Amara looks at Jack, wishing they could have gotten to know each other and promises they will after this is all over.

Amara tells Dean again that they will always help each other.

Sam and Jack talk. Sam tells Jack that sacrificing his life for a cause takes a lot of courage, but he still thinks it's wrong.

Sam won't go with them to blindly follow orders or send Amara to her death, wondering why he doesn't believe it sounds hinky. Sam won't give up on family, and Dean screams that Jack's not family. He's not like Sam or like Cass. He's just not. And, of course, Jack is standing there, all innocent, willing to save the world with is life. Ugh.

Sam watches them leave with tears in his eyes.

Cass is back, knowing why Sam stayed behind and joins him at the table.

Amara is enjoying some nature when Chuck pops in.

Title screen: Amara

Chuck wants Amara's help to do a hard reset, something he cannot do without her. Amara is tickled that Chuck didn't write what he calls that weird thing between them. 

Amara wants to fight for the world. Someone has to.

She wonders why he never stops and revels in the wonderful thing that he created. She can't believe he wants to annihilate it. She calls him out on the Winchesters getting to him. He says it's because all he sees is failure. It evolves into a great conversation in which Amara tells him none of it is a failure. She takes him to some fans, but he snaps them away.

Meeting mouth breathers doesn't inspire him. He felt no love and poopoos about them.

Amara wonders why she doesn't get what she wants. She wants to create a balance on behalf of one world, true balance, the way it was always meant to be.

He can't because he only cares about his pleasure, his story. She realizes he's the villain. Villaains get all the best lines, he says.

She has him trapped. She gave him an out, but he wouldn't take it. He's beyond angry. She can't hold him forever, but she can hold him long enough.

Title card: Dean

Dean tries to apologize to Jack, but Jack stops him. He's not like Sam or Cass. He understands.

They arrive at Jim's Jems. This is where it ends, according to Billie. They're greeted inside by Adam and Serafina. Jack's aura is like skittles. Adam and Serafina are kinda gross in their PDA.

Adam is taking Jack for a little pop quiz because he cannot give the spark of the divine to just anybody.

Serafina paints her nails and tells Dean she saw Jack in her dreams so knows he'll pass the test.

Killing God is Adam's plan. All they've been waiting on is Jack. He's the main ingredient. Half-human, half-archangel, all powerful if he passes the test.

When they join the others again, Serafina slices open Adam and gets his rib then heals him again. The rib packs enough punch to kill God. 

It will start an elemental chain reaction in Jack fusing his soul and grace into a metaphysical super nova aka black hole for divine and energy that nothing can escape. 

Dean is beginning to question the plan. But instead, he pulls over and thanks Jack before Jack takes the rib.

Cass and Sam find the key to death. Sam goes over to the other side and finds The Empty in Meg's body. She says that Billie wants to take over the world for God. Send everyone back where they belond.

She has the book, and Sam tries a play for the book. Maybe they all win, and maybe not. But if she kills him, then they can't do what they need to do. 

Cass tells Sam that Amara and Chuck are there, but Sam wants to stop the plan.

Chuck's ending is playing out exactly how he wanted it to end. Amara is disgusted. And if Dean had any idea, he'd be destroyed. Oh, so dumb.

Then Amara realizes they don't want to cage him. They want to kill him AND her. 

Sam has to physically tackle Dean, who then punches him in the face. 

Dean can't hurt Amara, but she can lie to him.

Sam tries getting Dean to understand that everything they've been done will be undone. It's a pretty crazy 15 minutes. Chuck has AMara crying. Sam has Dean crying. They're all crying. Dean wants Chuck dead that he'd trade just about anything. What about him, Sam wonders? Would Dean trade Sam?

Amara is listening to Chuck who is trying to say they can have actual balance. He puts hout his hand to her, and she takes it and is absorbed by Chuck who is practically orgasmic.

Sam begs Dean to trust him. His entire life, Dean has protected him. From everything. All Sam ever knew to be true was that Dean would protect him. Please put the gun away, Sam says. They'll always find another way. They always do. And Chuck emerges, announcing he consumed Amara.

And then he says to have fun watching Jack die.



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Supernatural Season 15 Episode 17 Quotes

Amara: How do you intend to cage him? When God caged me, he had four archangels. Do you have four archangels?
Dean: Nope. We got one Jack.

The only way. Our one shot. Our last chance. Do you ever get tired of saying stuff like that?