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On this week's Supernatural...

Sam and Dean recruit a human blood-addicted Crowley to find the First Blade.

They summon a crossroads demon for help, who turns out to be Snooki.

The brothers discover that an ex-Men of Letters member, living by himself, has collected the blade.

Magnus, the name the ex-Man of Letters has taken up, captures Dean looking to keep him in his collection with the blade.

Crowley manages to infiltrate the spell-covered location, and free Dean. Dean uses the Mark of Cain and the First Blade to dispatch Magnus, but Sam has to snap him out of a trance.

Crowley steals back the blade, concerned the brothers will use it to kill him. He tells them to find Abaddon and he will return the blade.

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Supernatural Season 9 Episode 16 Quotes

Okay, uh, look Snooki. Can I call you Snooki?


You know, at least when Cas was human, he was an OK guy. Should've known Crowley would be a douche version.