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Glenn and Dina announce Cloud 9's deep cleaning day. Employees reminisce on everything they missed out on because of the pandemic. Glenn insists on throwing the store's annual Christmas party.

Dina and Garrett have an awkward conversation.

Jonah tells Mateo he wants to ask out Hannah. They get a curbside order from Amy's parents. Jonah does not want to face them, so Mateo volunteers to take care of their orders instead. 

Glenn and Garrett decorate for the Christmas party. Other employees gather around and talk about other missed holidays. Glenn turns the party into a celebration of all the missed holidays.

Cheyenne finds Dina in a room with chemicals. She realizes that Dina got high from the fumes.

Jonah sees Amy's parents' car, so he goes inside. Mateo forces all the cars in front to do a lap around the parking lot. He rudely tries to send a car away, but it turns out to be Amy's parents.

Jonah and Mateo talk about the slip-up, and Mateo asks for Jonah's advice. 

Glenn begins writing down everyone's suggestions to incorporate for the party. 

Cheyenne and Dina are in a back room. Dina is looking for food; she is still high. She finds a raccoon nest. 

Jonah faces Amy's parents, and they ask about their order. Jonah says Mateo was trying to impress them. Now, Amy's parents think Mateo wants their blessing to marry Eric.

Mateo and Amy's parents are sitting at a table in the café. Jonah pulls Mateo aside and explains the situation. Mateo drags Jonah to their meeting to avoid the marriage subject.

Glenn is cooking in the breakroom. Garrett notices raccoons eating the food they had already prepared.

Sandra and Tony ask Dina for help with a machine. Cheyenne shadows Dina to make sure she does not appear high to others. 

Jonah overstays his welcome with Mateo and Amy's parents. Hannah arrives, and Jonah has to explain who Amy's parents are.

Glenn is stressed out because of the raccoons, and Garrett tries to stop him from stressing. Glenn eats the cake the raccoons ate from. 

Carol and Hannah finish their conversation. Jonah walks over to Hannah, he clears the air, and he asks her out.

A group of employees dressed in various holiday wear makes their way to the warehouse in the back. Garrett explains the situation and insists on having a good time for Glenn.

Eric comes to the store after his parents call him about the wedding. He talks about marriage with Mateo, and they realize they want to get married eventually. 

Glenn is on the phone with Jerusha. Garrett asks him over the store's speaker to report to the warehouse. He arrives to find the holiday party in full swing and gushes over its success.

Garrett goes over to Cheyenne and Dina. Cheyenne tries to cover for Dina's behavior that day, but Dina tells Garrett everything.

Glenn notices through the window that it is snowing outside. They open the garage door to admire the snow. A gust of wind blows through the air, and they close the garage door.

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Superstore Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

Wow, how has it been a year already? But also, how has it only been a year?


Glenn: Again, we're only open for curbside pickup today. There won't be any customers in the store, so we get to go nuts! Deep cleaning! Yeah!
Dina: Think about it like it's a storewide cavity search. It's Store 1217's turn to spread its cheeks.