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Scott looks to a unlikely ally in order to try and stop Kate on this episode of Teen Wolf. 

Flashback to Derek in high school. He's trying to control his wolf so he can play basketball.

At a gas station, Kate is trying not to turn in the restroom. A guy who works there threatens to come in and tries his key. He shouldn't have gone in.

Scott and friends take Derek to Deaton. Deaton thinks they overestimate his skills. Lydia stays with Deaton Derek.

Scott's dad is living with them. Scott was supposed to be home to eat. 

Deaton is trying some tests on Derek. His heartbeat is severely elevated and he's healing too fast. Derek wakes up and he's wolfed out. They try to talk him down, but he lashes out at Deaton.

Malia sneaks into Stiles room like five times a week. She scratches him and then they spoon, but he's the little spoon -- always.

Stiles thinks Malia looks at him like he's not telling her something. Scott doesn't know how to tell her about Peter.

Malia is very behind in school, but of course Mr. Yukimura calls on her. Everyone's phones are ringing. Lydia needs him to call her. Where does a teenage wolf go? Home. Derek is at Hale House. Deputy Parrish and a coworker show up. The other dude is antsy and tases Derek.

Parrish is a pretty cool guy. He treats Derek well. Sheriff Stilinski comes out and recognizes young Derek. Moments later Stiles and Scott run in.

Scott tells Derek they can help and shows his Alpha eyes. When Derek asks about his family, Scott says there was a fire... but they're fine.

Kira is worried Scott is angry that she electrocuted him in Mexico. Lydia reminds Kira that she's a badass kitsune with a katana and he's totally into her.

Malia decides Scott can handle Peter better with her there.

Stiles takes Derek to Scott's only to run into Mr. McCall. Stiles introduces Derek as Miguel, his cousin from Mexico and is surprised to learn Derek knows Spanish.

Peter meets Malia. Scott asks Peter about scratches. Peter laughs it off until they mention clawing out someone's throat.

Derek and Kate knew each other biblically. Scott wasn't the first Alpha to climb into a hunter's head.

Kate is in Scott's bedroom and takes him out the window. Whoops.

The brain trust decides Kate is still learning to change. She wants the Triskelion. WTF?

Kate is taking Derek to his family vault. He doesn't remember telling her about it and to remind him she kisses him. If she gets the Triskelion, everything goes back to normal.

The vault is at the high school. It was there first.

Peter, Scott and Malia get to the school just as the berserkers arrive. Malia plans to go after him but Peter runs like hell. He wants to survive.

Malia and Scott are trapped by berserkers while Derek gives Kate what she thinks she wants. Peter is inside the vault. 

Kira comes all raging in with her katana, but it's useless against the berserkers.

Peter tells Kate the truth about how to control it. By getting angry and focusing on the anger. Someone throws smoke bombs down into the tomb. 

Young Derek fights off the berserkers but it's a screeching howl that sends them running. Someone in cowboy boots and leather is stepping over Peter and grabs a case in the tomb. 

Derek is no longer young. 

Peter realizes it was never about he Triskelion. It was about bonds. Bearer bonds. He was robbed. They got $117 million dollars.





Teen Wolf
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Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Scott: This is Malia.
Peter: Beautiful eyes. Did you get them from your father?
Malia: Mother.
Peter: Interesting. Anyway, I'm sure they told you a lot about me.
Malia: The homicidal killing spree came up.
Peter: Well, we're all works in progress.

Sheriff Stilinski: I want you to be honest with me. Totally and completely honest. Have you been time traveling?
Stiles: Hang on, what?
Sheriff: Because if time traveling is real, I'm done, I'm out. You're going to be driving me to Eichen House.
Scott: We found him like that.
Sheriff: Where? Swimming in the fountain of youth?!
Stiles: No. We found him buried in a tomb of wolfsbane in an Azetec temple in Mexico underneath a church in the middle of a town that was destroyed by an earthquake.