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Philip remembers killing someone when he was a boy, bashing their head in with a rock. He tells Elizabeth she was right about Martha. He has to tell her about Gene before she finds out at work.

Clark goes to Martha's. He essentially tells her the truth, that it will look like Gene killed himself and the recorder will be found in his apartment. It's the only way she could be protected. She's terribly distraught, blaming herself. She just wants to be alone.

Paige is up in the morning, jet lagged. She asks Elizabeth why Philip left at 3am. She wants information, which is the same thing Philip is getting. Elizabeth says they get the information in secret because they're trying to make the world a better place...does she want some eggs?

Clark watched Martha sleep on the couch. When she wakes up, he looks at their wedding photo. He tells her he can't go back to her place. Ever. But nothing will change between them. They'll just have to be together at his place.

Stan wants to take a sick day. Tori suggests he EST his way around the office.

Paige wouldn't go into class to say the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Gabriel is upset about Elizabeth going to the Soviet Union. Do they want him to stay? He tells them about a very powerful weapon they aren't supposed to make, but they think America is making them, so they are, too. Anyone who gets near it has to be vaccinated. He gets out his kit. It's for a kind of meningitis you can get. Gabriel vaccinates them.

Over in the Soviet Union, Nina is still with the scientist, Antonin, chatting at his side. He tells her he's a shitty husband who cheated on his wife. That's how they got him. He misses his bedroom back home, with his wife. 

Paige is chatting with Pastor Tim. He wonders if her parents can come in for a chat. Can she get them to tell her more about what they do? 

While Elizabeth and Philip are waiting to meet with their target, Philip gets a feeling. They skip. She wonders what's going on. He assures her he's fine, but it's obvious he's not fine.

Philip is at EST. He recalls taking milk and two boys chasing after him. Those are the kids he beats with a rock. Philip is obviously conflicted over having killed that kid. He feels bad that he did it. He goes out for wine afterward with Stan's ex, Sandra. Tori happens to be at the same place.

At work, Martha is walking on eggshells. Frank gives her an urgent message to deliver.

Arkady tries to get into a room, but Tatiana says it's in use. He finds that very disconcerting. 

Elizabeth and Philip attempt to make contact again. Another miss.

The more Nina talks with Anton, the more she realizes what she's contributing to by helping them. 

Martha goes to Clark's place. They know Gene's dead. She's never been to Clark's. He tells her about Gene's death. Making it easier, his apartment full of toys. He also tells her about his memories from childhood. His group? They want reports now. Can she get them?

Nina wants to see her husband. Talking with Anton has made her realize that.

At work, Nina is getting the reports.

Arkady and Oleg are chatting. Arkady asks about Tatiana. 

At the travel agency, they're reading the surveillance assignments. Philip was imagining things, but Elizabeth wasn't. They're good to go tonight. He hesitates. Is he OK?

Arkady corners Tatiana. He finally got some answers. He knows she can't talk about it, but if she's dealing with Dept. 12 and viruses and bacteria, he needs to know.

When the Jennings make contact, they learn their vaccinations are worthless. And now they have Glanders in hand. In their home. And Stan Beeman in paying them a visit. 

Stan wants to talk about Philip and Sandra. He slams Philip around the garage with Glanders in his pocket. His little Sucrets can is crushed. But the vial? It's safe. 

The Americans
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The Americans Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Philip: I can't do anymore.
EST Man: Why?
Philip: Because I didn't need to hit him THAT much.

Look, Paige, as unusual as this is, and I am used to hearing secrets, do you think your parents might be open to coming in and talking about this?

Pastor Tim