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Back in the house, Elizabeth wonders why Stan was so mad. Philip can't say, of course. They put the can into a cooler and hide it in the wall behind their dryer. Which heats up. That hardly seems appropriate.

That's surprising. Philip tells Elizabeth the truth about going to EST, including meeting with Sandra afterward. Elizabeth's question? How many times have you gone. She wants to know why. She knew he was going through something, but...when was he doing this?

Gabriel wants to have Philip move the sample out of the country. Why don't we have you do it until they tell me to tell you to do it? Philip says, why don't you do it until they tell you to tell me to do it? Then Gabriel gives them a computer.

Arkady delivers bad news to Oleg. His brother is dead. They have no details.

Elizabeth is listening to their phone calls and hears Paige talking to Pastor Tim. Lovely!

She wants to kill Pastor Tim. Philip wants to work him. Or leave.

At the CIA, John Boy is getting ready to go meet with Gene's parents. They have a lawyer.

Philip is rummaging through Pastor Tim's desk. He gets home about the same time as Stan. They don't talk.

Philip is certain if they kill Pastor Tim, she'll realize they're involved, but Elizabeth doesn't think so. Philip is also still thinking about Paige going to law or medical school. Not Elizabeth.

Over in the Soviet Union, Boris, Nadia's husband, is paying her a visit. He has two sons. He thought she called because she wants a divorce. The mother of his children is just happy to sit at the same table with him and eat his food. She asks him to take something to an old friend.

Philip is making a drop to a Soviet pilot on an airport bus. The guy thinks his copilot thought he was doing something bad. He starts to act wrong, even calling upon him the suspicions of a poor security guard who Philip has to kill. Well, NOW you should be worried, you asshole.

Elizabeth is in Pastor Tim's cabin. She decides to catch it on fire.

Philip is left in the bus. The pilot leaves Glanders behind.

Nina and Anton are eating. The tests were somewhat successful. The radar signature was somewhat reduced but still there.

Nina is working on a way to let Anton's son know he's alive. Awww. He tells her she has been such a surprise.

Stan meets with Oleg. They're not going to make the trade. There is another prisoner worth more than Nina.

At home, Philip finally tells Elizabeth about the rock and what he did when he was 10. This is the kind of thing that comes up at EST. They help you deal with it, but you have to think about it. She looks confused.

Elizabeth has a nightmare that Paige goes to the cabin and Pastor Tim is dead in the bed. Paige tries to shake him awake but it's a Soviet baddie in there, who grabs her. Elizabeth wakes and turns to Philip.

Philip tells William that he wants to do a drop. William says no. They have words.

Elizabeth meets with Gabriel. She wants to get Glanders out of her house. He has news. Her mother died. He tells her she said she loved her. Elizabeth wonders if she really said that. He gives her a conciliatory pat on the hand and a chat about not losing her bearings.

Nina is caught having sent the note out to Anton's son.

Henry is having a snack with Stan. He has a crush on his science teacher. Wants to know if he'd like him.

Paige goes downstairs to tell Elizabeth she informed Pastor Tim about the family. When Philip gets home, Elizabeth tells him that and about her mother, admitting...they're in trouble.

The Americans
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The Americans Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Elizabeth: So, the other day when you felt something, is that the sort of thing that they teach?
Philip: What do you mean?
Elizabeth: That you can feel something instead of seeing something.
Philip: No. It doesn't work like that.
Elizabeth: Then how does it work? Is it something you'd ever want me to go to?
Philip: Sure.

Elizabeth: If we move fast, maybe we're be OK.
Philip: You want to kill him? She will run so far from here.
Elizabeth: We don't have a choice, Philip.
Philip: We can try to work him.
Elizabeth: That's insane.
Philip: We could leave. Maybe we *should* leave.
Elizabeth: Philip.
Philip: You want to kill the one person that she trusts?
Elizabeth: It's better than losing us.